16 Best Feed2All Alternatives to Watch Live Sports

Feed2All.eu was famous for its free streaming services. Many fans found it an excellent way to keep up with their favorite sports without breaking the bank. But, like many things in life, it seems to have hit a bit of a snag recently.

It’s left sports enthusiasts worldwide wondering… “what happened to feed2all” and seeking alternatives to get their regular sports fix.

But hey, as they say in sports, the show must go on, right?

There’s nothing like a Saturday afternoon baseball game, a rousing game of football, or an intense rugby match to get the adrenaline pumping, is there?

Well, don’t fret, fellow sports lovers! We’ve got the rundown of the 16 best Feed2All alternatives to keep you updated with every dunk, goal, and home run.

16 Best Feed2All Alternatives To Watch Live Sports

1. SportLemon

SportLemon Live Sports Streams

Ever heard of SportLemon? It’s like Feed2All.eu’s friendly neighbor, offering a fantastic buffet of sports streams. Fancy tennis? You got it! Thrill at every serve, every drop shot.

But if you’re more of a football fan, they’ve got you covered too! You can feel the crowd’s excitement as the ball sails into the net.

Whether you’re a tennis whiz, a football nut, or someone who enjoys a bit of everything, SportLemon’s your go-to sports hub. So grab that remote, tune in, and let the games begin!

2. FromHot

Fromhot Sports Live Streams

As hot as a fastball, FromHot offers many sports, including feed2all baseball, along with basketball, hockey, and others.

The site is easy to navigate and a perfect stop for sports streaming. It also allows for time zone settings for better event scheduling.

3. Stream2Watch

Stream2watch - Watch live Sport Streams and Television online

Stream2Watch is another worthy alternative to Feed2All. With an array of sports channels to choose from, it’s like having your own personalized sports bar at your fingertips.

Plus, its live TV functionality lets you watch other content apart from sports!

4. CricFree


Are you a cricket fan who’s been wondering what happened to Feed2All? Fret not because CricFree is here to fill that void.

But don’t be fooled by the name – it’s not for cricket! And the best part? It offers live chat to share your thoughts during matches.

5. VIPBox

VIPBox - VIP Box Sports Streaming Online

VIPBox is a fantastic site like Feed2All, where you can stream various sports. You can almost hear the echo of “Play ball!” with their range of baseball games available.

The platform’s live scores and updates feature helps you stay on top of every game.

6. BatmanStream

BatManStream org

BatManStream watch

Like its superhero namesake, BatmanStream comes to the rescue for sports fans worldwide.

This Feed2All.eu alternative is easy to navigate and provides access to a plethora of sports. And with its interactive chat feature, you can connect with other fans globally.

7. MamaHD

MamaHD Mma Live Streams

MamaHD is well known for its quality streams and various sports. This Feed2All alternative is your reliable go-to.

Whether for Sunday night football or Wednesday evening baseball games. It also features a convenient calendar to help you plan your sports-watching schedule.


Atdhe eu

ATDHE | ATDHE.net | Free Sports TV

ATDHE is a Feed2All site alternative with a simplistic design, focusing on function over frills.

It’s a reliable alternative to keep up with your favorite sports. With its clean layout, you won’t get distracted from the match at hand!

9. LiveTV

LiveTV Sportsurge alternative

LiveTV offers real-time sports streaming, making it a fantastic Feed2All alternative. A great site to catch up with your favorite teams or discover new ones!

What sets it apart is its highlight section, which lets you relive your favorite match moments.

10. FirstRowSports

Firstrowsports Live Stream

FirstRowSports is a Feed2All Reddit favorite, offering a similar experience with the bonus of less intrusive ads.

Moreover, it allows users to upload their sports videos, fostering an active community of sports lovers.

11. RojaDirecta


RojaDirecta, a popular European streaming site, offers a multitude of sports from around the world.

Its focus on international games makes it stand out from the crowd. The built-in forum allows you to engage in heated sports debates or share insights with fellow fans.

12. Wiziwigs


Wiziwig | Free Sports Streams On Your PC

With its intuitive interface, Wiziwigs.eu makes it easy for sports fans to find their preferred games.

It’s a top-notch Feed2All alternative, no doubt! Plus, its radio and TV show features give you more than just sports.

13. SportP2P

SportP2P alternatives

SportP2P is well-known for its extensive coverage of football games worldwide. It is a great site for football enthusiasts searching for a Feed2All website alternative.

It provides streaming in various languages, making it a global platform.

14. StopStream

Stopstreams tv

This platform offers sports streaming for a wide range of sports, including less mainstream ones.

StopStream is an all-rounder Feed2All alternative for those adventurous sports enthusiasts. Its black theme is easy on the eyes, perfect for long streaming hours!

15. Laola1

LAOLA1 - Sportnachrichten, LIVE-Ticker, Streams und Videos

Laola1 caters particularly to fans of European sports. From football to ice hockey, this Feed2All alternative has got you covered.

It offers a premium membership for an ad-free experience and exclusive content.

16. RedStream

Redstream online

Redstream Football Live Streams

RedStream offers a colorful interface with a multitude of sports streams available.

With this site, you’ll never have to ask what happened to Feed2All again.

Its unique feature? A dedicated section for Redstream and Streamhunter streams!

So, there you have it, sports fans. While the Feed2All site might have thrown a curveball, these fantastic alternatives are here to save the day. So, grab your snacks, wear your team jersey, and prepare for the game!


We all know the thrill of watching a live game, the cheers, the excitement, the suspense! Sports streaming sites like Feed2All were built on that very love for sports. But, like in any good sports game, sometimes there are unexpected twists and turns. We asked, “What happened to Feed2All?” and found not just one but 16 outstanding alternatives to carry the torch.

Each platform brings something unique, from offering various sports to engaging community features. They are not merely reflections of the Feed2All site but also improvements and expansions, turning the question from “What happened to Feed2All?” to “What’s the best way to stream my favorite sport?”

These platforms ensure that nothing – not even a site shutdown – keeps you from enjoying your favorite sports. So whether you’re a football fanatic, a baseball enthusiast, or an all-around sports lover, these Feed2All alternatives have got you covered.

As sports fans, we ride the highs and lows of the game, and with these sports streaming platforms, we can ride them together. So grab a seat, wear your favorite team’s jersey, fire up one of these fantastic Feed2All alternatives, and let the games begin!

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