FIFA+ Will Take Over Football Streaming Companies

Not long ago, a new football streaming platform was launched, meant to give people the opportunity to watch football streams for free from any part of the world. FIFA+, the new platform, will give people a personalized experience. It lets them watch current matches while checking today’s soccer prediction and making bets. The good news is that it also allows them to watch matches from the past.

The service is said to be very similar to Disney+, Prime Video, and Netflix. However, the difference is that it will not require any subscription in the short term to medium term. With the opportunity to see more original content and live matches, FIFA+ has the potential to become one of the largest sports streaming platforms in the world.

What Is FIFA+?


FIFA+ is a fresh streaming football where football fans can watch or stream various live matches from all over the world. They can do this with thousands of matches every month. Those who eventually use the service will also be able to obtain stories from their favorite football leagues and teams, not only from the present but also from the past. In fact, FIFA+ will grant access to the biggest online World Cup matches archive.

“FIFA+ represents the next step in our vision to make football truly global and inclusive, and it underpins FIFA’s core mission of expanding and developing football globally,” says Gianni Infantino, FIFA President.

What FIFA+ Brings to the Table

All people who want to use the platform can simply sign up with their email address and password, and they will gain access to the content. The features within the platform will be free, thus giving more people the chance to see their favorite matches.

“There is no plan to charge a subscription fee for the service, that doesn’t mean to say that we may not evolve over time should there be a value proposition that allows us to charge subscription if we step into premium rights or adopt other kinds of models,” says Charlotte Burr, director of strategy for FIFA. “But there will always be a free experience on FIFA+.”

Even though FIFA+ has declared to be a rival to other media companies, the service will also be used for sponsor promotion. To limit live match access in certain areas, the platform may use geo-blocking.

About 40,000 matches will be streamed by the platform annually, which means there will be around 1,500 matches streamed every month. Also, the service will stream men’s, women’s, and youth team matches. Already, about half of the member associations have been reached out to so far to use FIFA+. 211 of them will be spoken with until the end of the year.

FIFA+ will make it easier for fans to watch their favorite football teams performing in multiple matches and tournaments all over the world. No football fan should miss it.

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