[2023 Updated] Best Filma24 Alternatives to Watch Movie Free

The Popular Pirate Streaming Site Filma24 ch and its cloned versions Filma24 ac, Filma24 cc, Filma 24 al Shuts Down a few years ago.

Filma24 one of the leading pirated streaming websites in predominantly Albanian-speaking countries, has been permanently closed without warning or explanation.

When you visit the site, it redirects you to a web page with a message that says “This domain may be for sale. Click here to inquire”.

Filma24 ai Website Not Working?

That means filma24.com, Filma24 ai is no longer online. Initially, it was a website with the slogan “Watch download serial movies with Albanian subtitles!” that provided access to pirated copies of the latest movies and TV series that could be downloaded and streamed free of charge, mostly Albanian subtitles.

Shortly after, the website was closed, sparking speculation that the reason behind the shutdown could be some form of legal pressure.

Although no official statement has been released by the site operators since the closure of Filma24. but there are many mirror sites like filma24 with the same design and offer services as the official filma24.

Not only Filma24 com, several other sites include Megadede, Filmgan, Cat Series, Plusdede, Repelisplus.vip, SeriesGato, and SeriesDanko.tv have also been blocked by Egyptian ISPs. Although some of them later switched to new domain names, and filma24 also did the same, currently the only original address of filma24 ai is FILMA24 ch.

Filma24 was not only one of the ten most popular sites in Albania but also the number one pirate site in many neighboring countries, such as Italy, the United Kingdom, Macedonia, Greece, and Germany.

Filma24 ai

Recently Banned Filma24 Websites

  • filma24 io

  • filma24 al com

  • filma24 ai

  • filma24 ch

  • filma24 tv

  • filma24 squid game

  • filma24 me titra shqip

Filma24 al New Website 2023

The new and working website of filma24 is https://www.filma24.ch/

Best Filma24 Alternatives

If you are looking for alternatives to Filma24, here is a list of the top 9 streaming sites like www filma24 for free movies and TV series that are legal and secure.

8 Best Filma24 Alternatives

1#) YouTube

First on the list of best alternatives to filma24 is YouTube.

YouTube is a giant amongst other video hosting sites, it hosts a vast collection of user-generated and business media videos, including video clips, TV show clips, music videos, short films and documentaries, audio recordings, movie trailers, live streams, and other content such as video blogging, short original videos, and educational videos.

In addition, many users illegally upload movies on the website. Although uploading copyrighted content is illegal, watching it is not a violation. You can get great video quality and fast streaming speeds on YouTube. Like Amazon Prime and Netflix, YouTube also offers well-developed Android and iOS apps.

2#) Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of the best OTT platforms backed by Amazon.com that allows users to access services such as movies, TV shows, and music. Compared to many other popular services, Amazon Prime has very low subscription fees.

Also, the content library on Amazon Prime is exponentially larger than many other services.

Finally, Amazon Prime has very well-developed Android and iOS applications for mobile users.

3#) Netflix

Netflix, another popular premium streaming service, the company’s primary business is the subscription-based streaming-over-the-top service that offers online streaming of a library of movies and television shows, including those produced in-house.

Netflix offers very high streaming speeds and offers cross-platform support. You can watch your favorite movies online for free with a one-month free trial and can continue watching them for a subscription fee if you like the service.

Like many other ott websites, Netflix also has native Android and iOS apps for mobile users.

4#) Vimeo

Vimeo, another legal alternative to filma24 ai to watch download serial movies with Albanian subtitles! Netflix, Indian, Hindi, Turkish, action for free.

List of Filma24 Unblocked Mirrors

https://www.filma24.cx/filma24 cxOnlineYes
https://www.filma24.ac/filma24 acOfflineYes
https://www.filma24.cc/filma24 cc

5#) SeriesDanko.tv

If we are more seriophiles than moviegoers, then SeriesDanko.tv is another of the websites that you must have among your favorites along with the one mentioned above. One of its main attractions is the large content catalog that it has. We can find series of all genres, action and adventure, warfare, crime series, romantic mystery, suspense, comedy, horror, science fiction, animation, etc.

6#) Pelisgolden.me

One of the most interesting advantages of Pelisgolden is that you will not only find current and recent films but that it is ideal for lovers of classic cinema since you will be able to see titles from more than fifty years ago.

In addition, there are also free online series and very complete anime content that makes it a highly recommended option. The movies can be downloaded in FullHD, Spanish, and Latin and every day they promise to update the content available on the web.

7#) HDFull.co

HDFull is very complete if you are looking for series, movies, anime, or cartoons, and one of the best options or alternatives to Filma24 al, if you are looking for a large catalog. It has thousands of different options to choose from and movie or TV categories so you can easily find what you are looking for. Action, adventure, anime, biographies, miniseries.

One of the most interesting features is that it allows you to sort the results according to the score that the content has on IMDb, so we can know what is of quality and with what we are not going to waste time.

8#) FelizEstreno

For those looking for movies in Spanish and with subtitles, this is one of the best alternatives to Filma24. Felizestreno.com is a very useful website with great content of this type. You can see them in HD. The downside is that we find a lot of advertising and windows or links that take us to pages that are not the ones we are looking for.

But beyond that, you can see movie premieres and in each of the tabs, you will find the synopsis, the duration, the quality, the year, the IMDb score, and the movie in question. Each title has its own online player so you can see it directly from the web without having to download anything or search for links.


In 2023, fans of movies have a lot of options when it comes to streaming their favorite shows. Filma24 may be the most popular choice, but there are many other great websites like Filma 24 out there that offer an alternative experience. From legal streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime to fan-favorite unofficial sites like SeriesDanko and Felizestreno, these top 8 alternatives provide an incredible variety of content for viewers all over the world. Each site offers its own unique set of features and benefits, so no matter which one you choose, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs. With more and more quality options becoming available every year, it’s never been easier to find the perfect movie streaming website for you.

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