Find The Best Mobile App Development Companies (In 3 Simple Steps)

There are many mobile app development companies around the world, but not all of them are created equal. The best mobile app development companies are the ones that can provide innovative and user-friendly apps that meet the needs of their clients. They also have a team of experienced developers who can create custom apps for any business or individual.

Half the battle is already won if you have an app idea that can disrupt the digital market. The rest of the journey is all about finding the right architect for your app who understands your product- it’s vision, the key challenges involved and the missing ‘oomph’ that’ll set your app apart from your competitors. That’s why we’ve curated a three-step guide to help you find the best app development company for your app.

But before you take your pick, it’s important to understand the market you’re about to enter. From 178.1 billion mobile apps downloads in 2017 to expected growth of 258.2 billion downloads, Statista confirms the steady growth of mobile app usage.

This Is Both Good And Bad News

Good because it shows the user’s readiness to adopt digital solutions like mobile apps and bad because the supply surpasses the demand. In short, while there’s a big piece of dough waiting to be baked, you’re not the only cook. So unless you have an app that let users talk to aliens, you’ll need highly experienced app developers with top-grossing app clients.

To save you the trouble, we’ve curated a three-step guide that explains what factors should you keep in mind when hiring the right app development company for your app.

Offshore Or Onshore?

A question that’s crossed every app owner’s mind is whether or not they should outsource their app’s development. While the answer demands a dedicated article to make the right choice, in a nutshell, I’d say, if you’re developing a simple functionality app like a calculator or a reminder app for your services, outsourcing offshore app development can offer quality services for half the time and price. But if your app has complex functionalities or impacts and defines your product/services, onshore app development with a company you can connect with regularly, is a must.

Freelance Or Company?

Again, the same logic applies to this dilemma as explained above. Freelancers like offshore app developers will cost you less but are limited in resources and unsuitable for a complex app project. Plus, there’s the obvious threat- lack of accountability.

Moreover, an app needs to constantly adapt and change to user preferences and habit patterns, which means, you’ll always need a dedicated go-to-guy who understands your app thoroughly to install upgrades and bug fixes, tweak subscription plans, change UI functionalities, etc. So for app owners looking for long term partnership for their app, it’s better to hire the best fit from the list of top app development companies that understands your app category and in-app dynamics.

Best Vs Better

Mobile app industry leaders have been mapping the growth of the leading mobile app development companies for over a decade now. Being one of such leaders, if there’s one thing we can tell you is what’s best overall may not be better for you.

While most top mobile app development companies are versatile enough to deliver a high-quality digital solution in any app category, it’s better to find app developers abreast with your app category. For that, you need to know:

  1. Who’s the target audience of your mobile app? This helps you understand the mobile app category under which you’ll register your mobile app. Let’s say if you’re developing a real-time lyric finder mobile app.

Who’s the most experienced mobile app developer in the dedicated app category?

What kind of app clients have they had?

Do those app clients reflect needs similar to yours?

How have these app clients reviewed the chosen mobile app developer?

These questions are merely the first footsteps to the trail of finding the ideal app developer in your app category.

  1. What’s their technology stack? It doesn’t take a genius to know that native apps fare much better than cross-platform apps in terms of quality user experience. And, yet, companies like Alibaba, Abbey Road Studios, Bitfolio, etc., have chosen Flutter as their app development platform.So, coming back to the question asked earlier, are you clear on what your app is about and who will use it? Once that’s clear, you can run simple web research on what’s the best app development for your app and asses if your chosen app development company offers and excels in those platforms and technology.

As mentioned earlier, unless you are planning to get a simple calculator app developed, the process of picking the best app developer needs thorough research. The three areas of concern mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. The deeper you get involved, the more questions you’ll have.

They can range between technical queries like can your app deal with a high load (if it was to get viral and a lot of people were using it) to legal concerns like how airtight is your Non-Disclosure-Agreement?

Similarly, before the development process, you’ll need to be well acquainted with the developer’s workflow methodology and the framework chosen for your app. Is it Agile or Scrum, or does the app demands Rational Unified Process (RUP) or Waterfall framework?

For a better understanding of subjects such as these, you can head to our in-depth analysis of the app development process and the key players involved.

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