Find Out What Vietnam Has Stored For Vegan And Vegetarian Under The Leaf


Traveling is the food for the soul but what about the food for the body when traveling to the paradise of SouthAsia. Here we are talking about Vietnam. Traveling is so much exciting and amazing, as you get a chance to see the world from a very different aspect. We all know and most of you might also agree with the fact that traveling helps in building personality. One such country that you can add to the bucket list is Vietnam.

It is the country of beauty, traditions, and food. People call it Paradise for the food, but the question is: Whether this paradise is for the vegan or vegetarian traveler? Can you call Vietnam a paradise when it comes to Vegan and Vegetarian menu? Still, wondering? People over here call Vegan and vegetarian food as Buddhist food.

Read below to treat your taste with an authentic taste while availing  Vietnam Travel Packages.

Vegetarian Menu

Young Green Rice

The local name of the dish is cốm. The dish is made of freshly harvested green rice. Immature rice kernels are roasted and later pounded with mortar and pestle till it gets flattened. One can have it as plain or with coconut. The taste is sweet and nutty flavor.

Tofu with tomato sauce (đậu sốt cà Chua)


Dau sot ca Chua is another great option for vegetarian food. Its crispy chewy edges and juicy flesh inside will surely fulfill your appetite. Made of ripe tomato crush. Mixed with the fry tofu slices and ripe tomato puree and it is served with rice. But make sure to ask about the vegetarian sauce, as at someplace it is served with fish sauce.

Traditional Sweet Dessert (chè)

chè is the name of a dish made of different types of beans, fruit, peas or tubers. On top of that, it is sweetened with sugar. Additional coconut on the top is enough to attract you towards the dish. It is mildly sweet in taste and favorite among the sweet tooth.

Sugar Cane Wrap (bò bía)


Yes, you read it right, its sugar cane wrap only. Excited it is made? The base of the wrap is prepared with the thin corn flour wrap followed by layer of sugar cane, finely grated coconut and on the top of it is some black sesame. After all the stuffing, it is wrapped tightly and ready to eat. Generally, you can find them with street hawkers.

Mixed fruit Salad (hoa quả dầm)

The next dish is very healthy and delicious. Made of watermelon, jackfruit, banana, jackfruit, banana, papaya, avocado topped with condensed milk or coconut milk. Isn’t it sound delicious?

Vegan Menu

Vegan pho


Pho is the most famous associate term with Vietnam food. But make sure to mention vegan with pho as this noodle soup is eaten with meat, pork, and bones. Made of tofu, noodles and the fresh herb is best to eat when hot.

Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo is another not to miss dish when you are on Tours to Vietnam/ Best tours in Vietnam The pancake made of pork or shrimp is replaced with rice flour. Served with fresh bean sprouts, mushrooms, fresh cucumber, and fresh lettuce. It is served with soya bean sauce or garlic sauce. You can find the dish in restaurants across the country.



Even Vietnam people can turn boring eggplants into a mouthwatering dish. Try the eggplant dish comprising of soft braised eggplant with fried garlic, roasted peanuts and tamarind sauce on top.

Vegan Banh Mi

A crispy bun filled with pickled vegetables, crispy crust, fresh herbs, pan-roasted tofu, mushrooms. These are topped with the mayonnaise and home-made sauces. Due to the rise in vegan numbers, you can find them in almost all big cities and leading restaurants. This is the king of the sandwich is a true and delicious help for a vegan diet.

Vegan Spring Roll


Vegan spring roll is another item of the menu of vegan food. These spring rolls are different from what you’ve eaten. The rice pancake is stuffed with mushrooms, veggies, crispy noodles and tofu. It is covered with another rice paper and then deep-fried. Eat it with an utterly delicious sauce.


The hotspot is very unique not only in taste but also in how it is prepared. The dish is cooked in front of you with the help of a hotpot cooker. The taste of aroma will warm your heart and fill the stomach with its loveliness. The dish is filled with noodles, herbs, green veggies, and mushrooms.

Vegan Coffee


Vietnam is the country to experience the real taste of the coffee. Here you can taste different types of coffee that you might never hear of even before coming here. For all the vegan food lover you must try its coconut coffee blend with coffee. But make sure to leave a note to leave condense milk out of the coffee.

And to conclude Vietnam food is a great tasting food that has the influence of many cultures and traditions. Make the Tours to Vietnam/Best tours in Vietnam and don’t forget to try these foods listed above. These will give your taste bud a unique taste. Food is an integral part of making your travel experience marvelous. Cheers for Vegan or vegetarian food in Vietnam. 

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