Finding the Right Cleaning Supplies for Restaurant Furniture

Starting a restaurant up is one thing and it will most certainly require a great deal of time and money on your part, but once the eatery is established and up and running would be when the arguably harder part of the process might begin. Maintaining your restaurant involves the controlling of a lot of moving parts, and if you don’t establish adequate maintenance processes in this regard then the likelihood of you being able to keep your business afloat in the long run might just become severely diminished.

Most restaurant owners tend to focus on a few key areas when it comes to maintaining their enterprise, but the sheer number of things that need to be taken into account means that something or the other would end up inevitably slipping through the cracks. One thing that you should definitely pay attention to is the maintenance of your restaurant furniture, and while you might assume that this has more to do with paying for repairs as soon as damage occurs, this is just a small part of a much larger equation that should be kept in mind.

It can be easy to assume that furniture maintenance will always be a complex endeavor, but the truth is that this process can often be as simple as just ensuring that your furniture is cleaned on a regular basis. You can hire workers for this of course and making sure that these workers are diligent with regards to fulfilling all of their duties is important too, but the first step should be purchasing the right supplies that can be used to keep the furniture clean. After all, even the most hardworking employees would have a tough time keeping the furniture clean if they don’t have adequate supplies that can help them accomplish this type of goal.

The first thing that you are going to need for furniture cleaning is the right kind of cleaning liquid. A good surface cleaner is generally adequate for washing things like tables as well as the tops of chairs. These cleaners have a lot of heavy duty chemicals in them which can be great for getting rid of bacteria and the like. Any restaurant that experiences heavy footfall is going to need to sanitize since each customer that comes in would be bringing a huge amount of bacteria with them as well and this is something that you can’t really do much to prevent.

One thing that you should note about surface cleaners and the like is that the harsh chemicals might not work with every kind of furniture. Certain types of wood might not be well suited to cleaning using harsh chemicals that are often present in industrial grade cleaning supplies. While these cleaners might do a good enough job of sanitization and breaking down grease among other things, they can also potentially bleach the wood.

This will result in two major problems, the first of which is that the color of the wood might start to fade. Wood color is a big part of any restaurant aesthetic, and there is a pretty good chance that you chose a specific kind of wood because of the kind of color it offered. If this color begins to fade then the aesthetic advantages of this wood might begin to fade alongside it, so it would be far better if you were to choose a milder cleaner.

The second problem that could occur is that heavy duty chemicals can degrade the structural integrity of wood based products. Over time, the wood will start to soak the chemicals in and this will result in it becoming somewhat soft and pliable. This basically means that customers would be more likely to do significant damage to your furniture, thereby proving that choosing milder cleaning products is always the right way to go.

A lot of restaurant owners really don’t like the idea of using mild cleansers and the like, though. Harsh chemicals break dirt and grease down almost immediately, so it stands to reason that if you were to use something that is a bit on the milder side of things this would naturally be less effective at optimizing the overall cleaning procedure. A side effect of mild chemical based cleaners is that the person doing the cleaning will have to put a bit more elbow grease into the process as well, and people generally don’t like having to put more effort into something that could potentially be done with a more reasonable amount of effort.

However, we are of the opinion that preserving the quality of your wood furniture should be given greater importance. There is no point to having squeaky clean furniture if the cleaning process is damaging it, and once you get used to slightly more difficult cleaning you would realize that it is more than worth it. The amount of extra effort pales in comparison to the kind of longevity that this might end up offering to your furniture in the long run.

Another factor that needs to be considered is environmental. Harsh chemicals can wreak some real havoc on the environment. Firstly they tend to poison waterways and turn them into relatively inhospitable environments for fish and the like. Animals that eat these fish and drink this water might end up getting poisoned too. Water pollution is destroying ecosystems around the world, and since there is a way for you to get the cleaning done without contributing to this pollution it is arguably your responsibility to start looking into it. All restaurant owners should adopt a more environmentally friendly and sustainable approach to cleaning their furniture.

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