On your feet all day? You owe a massage for your feet

Foot spa

On your feet all day? You owe your feet a massage. Worked hard and stressed out? You owe your body a massage. Massage is not just a luxury; it leads you to a healthier and happier life. It reduces stress, helps in relieving your muscle tension, decreases anxiety, and improves the quality of your sleep. Check out top 10 best foot spas available in the market.

Here the question arises that why our feet are important? If the roots of trees are healthy ad growing very well, then it indicates that the trees are will be healthy and vigorous. If the foundation of the building is stable and firm, the rest of the structure will be sturdy and will be able to withstand in every weather condition. Similarly, our feet are like a foundation, and the body is like a building.

Think about the enormous roles that our feet played in our everyday life. We stand walk and run on our feet. They are connected with or legs, which help us to move from one place to another.no doubt we put massive stress on our feet.

Our feet bare a lot of pressure, from an average day of walking while work to doing household chores. Unfortunately, we took it very easy to take our feet for granted. The most mishandling part of the body is our feet. Most of all of us won’t supply a whole lot of awareness of the legs compared with other regions of our own entire body. Majority of us do now not pay proper attention to our feet as compared to different components of the body. Purpose of that is undoubted that human beings often sense we can effectively typically use shoes or boots to pay for these human beings upwards, proper? So far actually, getting balanced for trade advances a healthy way of life and lastly, proper care plus effectively round well-being. And remember one thing that healthy feet promote a healthy lifestyle, healthy hygiene and, of course, healthy well-being.

There may be nothing higher, giving ourselves a time to loosen up and giving our toes the eye they deserve. They bring about our weight as we take our daily tasks. So, they must be pampered on occasion.

So, complete foot care is vital to stay fresh and active all day. There are many foot spa machines available in the market. The best spa machines in the market include Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager, Brookstone Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa, HoMedics FB-600 Foot Salon Pro Pedicure Spa, Kendal FBD2535 Deep Foot, and Leg Spa, and Conair Foot/Pedicure Spa. You can use them, or you can check different salons for the foot spa, often called pedicure. Moreover, you can also do pedicure at your home by yourself.  Now the question arises what foot spa is?

Foot Spa: Foot spa is a powerful and unwinding technique that gives relaxation to every part of the feet. Basically, the procedure includes soaking the feet in a foot bath including salt, warm water, and scrubbing, organic oils, detoxifying, kneading and applying foot moisturizer and cleaning, lastly applying nail paint to the toenails but this is optional. There are foot spa detox machines which are utilized as a part of the foot spa for detoxifying the body poisons and expanding giving unwinding, energy, and stamina. There are many benefits to getting a foot spa.

Proper blood circulation: Foot spa helps in the betterment of blood circulation. It is also said that due to better blood circulation our mind get fresh and we can think about us that who we are and what we want to do.

Relieves stress: When you have a foot spa, all your tensions and stress will be gone due to this relaxing moment.

Relieves arthritic pain: Foot spa can help you to dispose of all the pressures of muscles and joints if it is done in the morning or night. Foot spa is also used by patients suffering from joint inflammation.

Reduces headache: Foot spa is also very helpful in reducing migraine, headache, and similar indications.

Treatment of insomnia: Foot spa lessens the side effects of sleeping disorder. It helps in getting a legitimate rest.

Helps in detoxification: The foot detoxification helps in disposing of the poisons of the body. It also detoxifies the liver and kidney and maintains the pH in the body.

Still, some people have a question about why foot care is so essential. There are several reasons for it. Some are given below:

Detects problems earlier: Often getting pedicures can help you in identifying problems such as bunions, corns, and some parasitic diseases. And these diseases are simpler to treat if distinguished earlier.

Preserves skin’s moisture: when your feet get absorbed in warm water and are massaged with fundamental oils and moisturizers, then they will remain moisturized. Saturated feet are less amenable to break, rankles, and other issues.

Shedding of feet: Shedding of dead skin cells keeps the cells from gathering and creating bunions or corns, which can be embarrassing. The ejection of the dead skin on your feet when you have foot reflexology especially on the heel stimulates new cell development, which makes smoother and appealing feet.

Fewer opportunities for diseases: Cutting, clipping, and cleaning of the toenails keep them from growing and bringing on diseases. The discarding of microscopic organisms from your feet will help you to prevent from nail maladies issues, and foot scents and they shield toes from injury.

Benefits of using a foot spa machine: First of all, you have to learn that there are different types of massage techniques. First is a traditional therapy that relaxes your muscles and joints. Second is the acupressure massage that is able to increase the energy flow by applying pressure on particular points. Last is the aromatherapy spa machine that comes with scented oils that come in handy if you need to relax totally.

Here are some advantages of using a foot spa machine:

It helps with flat feet: Some people are born with an abnormal foot arch. So, their arch results in a mild physical pain that can increase with the passage of time. There are some circumstances when the heel pain caused by the retrogression of the plantar fascia is chronic and cause difficulty n walking. The solution to these problems is to have regular foot exercises that can be done by the usage of a device that applies strong pressure on the arch because it can relieve the pain.

It helps to improve circulation: Nowadays, the majority of people have a stationary lifestyle because they don’t have time to exercise. Therefore, the muscles are not being used on a regular basis. So they get rigid, and the circulation is stationary, especially if you add uncomfortable shoes to the equation. In order to avert this health issue, you can organize a 15-20 minutes foot spa session each night, before falling asleep. This way, you can boost the circulation that suffers from serious diseases.

Helps prevent ankle and foot injuries: If you have been gone through an accident in the past, and you need to recover your joints, a foot spa device enables the muscle tenderness. It also helps you in accelerating the recovery process.

Allows in reducing blood stress: nowadays, men and women be afflicted by excessive blood pressure. Terrible eating regimen and strain are the principle factors, but every now and then genetics play an essential role in this regard. According to research, a ten-minute foot massage given 3 instances per week will have fine results in lowering your blood strain and reducing your tension.

You may do your foot spa at domestic as properly. You do not want any expensive products; you simply need the proper product. Following are the steps that will help you in doing all of your pedicures at home.

1. Soak your feet in lukewarm water for at the least 15 minutes. That is the time wherein you simply sit down and loosen up. you can also use a basin for it. While your feet are dipped inside the water, you can examine magazines, use the cell, watch television, or listen to songs.

2. Exfoliate your skin and scrub off calluses. As quickly as your feet become smooth, you could use a scrubber to put off dead cells. you could also use a pumice stone for this reason. It relies upon on you.

3. Clip and moisturize your nails, after removing dead pores and skin. you could use a nail clipper for this. After this, you may use a nail document to form your nails according to your choice whether or not the square or circle. nothing beats a terrific moisturizer to refresh your ft. The noticeably endorsed moisturizes are people with peppermint or menthol lotions and moisturizers. It gives a cooling effect to your feet. don’t forget to add your ankles and legs too.

4. Paint your nails. though making use of nail paint for your nails is just an elective step in your pedicure.

There are also some tools and kinds of equipment that you can use while doing pedicure. These are as follows:

  1. Tools of Foot Spa: The simple tools utilized in a foot spa consist of the nail cutters, buffer, cuticle nippers, nail files, scissors, and pumice stone for softening the hard areas over the toes.
  2. Cleansing products: cleansing merchandise consist of sterilizing the tools and hypoallergic solutions for cleaning.
  3. Essentials: other necessities encompass the foot scrub, foot lotion, towel, nail polish, and many others.
  4. Varieties of gadget utilized in Foot Spa: The final gadget utilized in a foot spa is foot bathtub in which the toes require to be positioned for dipping. There are simple foot baths which can be made at home. There are also pedicure spa foot bath machines which are equipped with massage mechanism for providing the best of foot massage.

Some precautions while doing foot spa at home:

  • Must check the hotness of the water in your tub before soaking your foot in it. It may harm your skin if the water is extremely hot. The foot must be soaked in lukewarm water.
  • Take a check on the foot lotion before using it, because some lotions can irritate your skin.


So, now we are known to the basic procedure of best foot spa and the steps for doing foot spa at home, why not treat your feet to their best?

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