Fotor Photo Editor: Best Online Photo Editor & Collage Maker

Among various free image editing tools available online, Fotor is yet another powerful photo editor that is extremely easy to use and offers a bunch of photo effects and templates that can help you collage, edit your photos quickly. It’s supposed to be a quick and easy way to create visuals and help the unskilled in the magic of graphic design.

Getting To Know Fotor Photo Editor

The general workflow of Fotor is almost the same as everything else in its category online. You can get started either by creating an account using email address or you may decide to use it without creating an account.

fotor photo editor

Fotor prompts you to select the type of artwork you want to create,

  • Edit a Photo
  • Make a Design
  • Make a COLLAGE

…..and then suggests different visual templates.

Note: You can visit Fotor website to drag and drop you photo for editing but I think downloading fotor photo editor app which is available on Play Store and Apple Store is also a good choice..

If you choose to edit your photos via the website then everything is drag and drop and text can be edited in other graphic design. After you have chosen the layout and the template that you want, the adjustment comes. I admit that it is very easy to use.

Fotor Photo Editor Effects

There are many photo effects to choose from (find out more).

Is Fotor free?

Aha! Here is a small distinction between free and Fotor pro users.

….YES! Fotor photo editor is a premium online graphic design tool but has pro member features which is strictly optional.

Some Amazing Features of Fotor

As a pro user you would have the following features:

  • Advanced portrait touch up features
  • 100+ amazing photo effects and filters
  • 10,000+ professional graphic design templates
  • Unique and updated design content
  • Massive storage in Fotor cloud.

For those using the free version, Fotor has slightly more limited photos effects and templates available to choose from.

Notice: The most amazing thing I love about Fotor is the availability of downloading option for both pro and free users after all your work.

In addition to downloading copies of your completed design, you can also share them directly on Twitter or Facebook. You can also email people from the tool to invite them to collaborate in designing whatever you are doing.


Fotor photo editor is extremely easy to use, I thought it was far too simplistic for the type of output that I needed in photo editing.

Fotor at a glance

Fotor is great for creating simple visuals. It often helps the unskilled in the magic of graphic design.


Freemium subscription model

Very easy to use.


Limited functionality for free users.

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