10 Absolutely Free Anime Websites Without Ads

Are you looking for the best anime websites where can you watch anime for free without ads? Then, this article is just the thing for you.

Anime has captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide, from the young to the young at heart. While the thought of watching your favorite anime series without interruptions might seem like a dream, it’s possible to find free anime websites without ads that cater to your needs. In this guide, we’ll explore the top platforms for ad-free anime streaming, helping you to enjoy your favorite shows and movies with ease.

10 Best Free Anime Websites Without Ads or Pop-ups

Now, let’s go to the full review of where to watch dubbed anime for free without ads, so you can enjoy your favorite shows uninterrupted.

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a free anime no ads app officially recommended by many OTT platforms.

Crunchyroll - Free Anime Websites Without Ads

When it comes to free anime websites without ads, Crunchyroll is a frontrunner. With a vast library of popular titles, this platform offers a seamless experience for users who prefer not to sit through ads. You’ll find shows like “Naruto,” “Attack on Titan,” and “My Hero Academia” here.

To access ad-free content, simply sign up for their premium plan, which also comes with additional perks such as offline viewing and simulcasts.

Crunchyroll Features

Crunchyroll is known for its simulcasts, allowing users to watch the latest episodes of popular anime series as soon as they are released in Japan. This feature sets Crunchyroll apart from many other platforms, making it a favorite among fans who want to stay up-to-date with their favorite shows.

Unique Feature: Simulcasts

Streaming Plans & Pricing

  • Free Plan: Limited content with ads
  • Premium Plan: $7.99 per month, ad-free streaming, simulcasts, and access to the entire library
  • Premium+ Plan: $9.99 per month, all premium benefits plus exclusive merchandise, event perks, and priority customer support

2. Funimation

Funimation is a free anime website that is user-friendly, and easy to use.

Funimation - Watch Anime Streaming Online - Free Anime Websites Without Ads

Funimation is another go-to platform for anime enthusiasts, especially those who prefer English-dubbed content. By upgrading to their premium plan, you can enjoy your favorite series without ads, along with exclusive content and early access to simulcasts.

Funimation’s library includes classics like “Dragon Ball Z,” “Cowboy Bebop,” and “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Funimation Features

Funimation is a leader in producing English dubs for anime series, often handling the localization process in-house. This commitment to high-quality dubs has made Funimation a go-to platform for fans who prefer dubbed content over subtitled versions.

Unique Feature: English Dub Production

Streaming Plans & Pricing

  • Free Plan: Limited content with ads
  • Premium Plan: $5.99 per month, ad-free streaming, access to the entire library, and simultaneous streaming on two devices
  • Premium Plus Plan: $7.99 per month, all premium benefits plus offline viewing, and streaming on up to five devices
  • Premium Plus Ultra Plan: $99.99 per year, all Premium Plus benefits plus free shipping on Funimation Shop, annual anniversary gift, and two free pay-per-view rentals per year

3. 9anime

9anime is one of the best free anime websites without ads with awesome fast servers.

9animeTV - Free Anime Websites Without Ads

9anime is a popular choice for users seeking a wide variety of anime content without ads. Although not as well-known as Crunchyroll or Funimation, this platform is ad-free and requires no registration. You’ll find both subbed and dubbed content, as well as a vast selection of anime movies.

Keep in mind that 9anime operates in a legal gray area, so be cautious when using this site.

9anime Features

9anime stands out for its user-friendly approach that doesn’t require registration. Users can simply visit the website and start streaming their favorite anime series without the need to create an account, providing a hassle-free experience.

Unique Feature: No Registration Required

4. Kissanime

Kissanime is a recommendable and high-quality anime website. It also offers both Sub anime streaming and Dub anime streaming.

KissAnime - Watch anime online in high quality | kissanime.to

Kissanime is another platform that offers a comprehensive library of anime content without ads. While not as reputable as the first two options, Kissanime has a dedicated user base and provides access to both subbed and dubbed content.

The platform doesn’t require a subscription, but it’s essential to proceed with caution as it operates in a legal gray area.

Kissanime Features

Kissanime’s extensive library of anime content, including lesser-known titles and hard-to-find series, is a standout feature. This vast collection makes Kissanime an attractive option for fans who want to explore beyond mainstream shows.

Unique Feature: Extensive Library


Thousands of anime fans use HIDIVE because of its incredible blazing servers, and high security.

HIDIVE: Watch and Stream Anime online

HIDIVE is a lesser-known but reliable platform for ad-free anime streaming. With a subscription, you gain access to a vast library of content, including popular titles like “GATE,” “Food Wars!,” and “Legend of the Galactic Heroes.”

HIDIVE also offers a unique feature called “Dubs with Subs,” which lets you watch dubbed content with the original subtitles, perfect for language learners and purists alike.

HIDIVE Features

HIDIVE offers a unique feature called “Dubs with Subs,” which allows users to watch dubbed content with the original subtitles. This feature is perfect for language learners and purists who want to experience both the dubbed audio and original Japanese text simultaneously.

Unique Feature: Dubs with Subs

Streaming Plans & Pricing

  • Free Plan: Not available
  • Subscription Plan: $4.99 per month, ad-free streaming, access to the entire library, and Dubs with Subs feature

6. VRV

VRV is a popular name when it comes to websites to watch anime free and is now one of the best anime website no ads Reddit as well.

VRV co - websites to watch anime

VRV is an entertainment platform that houses multiple channels, including Crunchyroll, HIDIVE, and Mondo. By upgrading to VRV’s premium plan, you can enjoy ad-free streaming across all the channels, giving you access to a plethora of anime content.

This platform is an excellent choice for users looking for diverse content in one place.

VRV Features

VRV sets itself apart by housing multiple channels, including Crunchyroll, HIDIVE, and Mondo, within a single platform. This multi-channel approach offers users a diverse range of content to choose from, all under one roof.

Unique Feature: Multi-Channel Platform

Streaming Plans & Pricing

  • Free Plan: Limited content with ads
  • VRV Premium: $9.99 per month, ad-free streaming and access to multiple channels, including Crunchyroll and HIDIVE, as well as exclusive series and movies

7. Tubi TV

Absolutely, Tubi TV is a distinguished most legal anime website which offers thousands of free anime content online.

Tubi: Watch Free Movies and TV Shows Online

Tubi TV is a free streaming platform that offers a wide range of movies and TV shows, including a dedicated anime section.

While it does feature ads, they are minimal compared to other platforms, and the content is entirely legal. Tubi TV’s library includes classic series like “Akira,” “Ghost in the Shell,” and “Yu-Gi-Oh!

Tubi TV Feature

Tubi TV’s commitment to providing legally licensed content makes it a unique choice among free streaming platforms. Users can enjoy a wide range of movies and TV shows, including anime, without worrying about the legality of their streaming choices.

Unique Feature: Legally Licensed Content

Plans & Pricing

  • Free Plan: Completely free, ad-supported streaming with a wide range of content, including anime

8. RetroCrush

Retrob Crush is one of the best places where to watch anime without ads for free.

RetroCrush: Stream Classic Anime

RetroCrush is a platform tailored for fans of classic anime, showcasing titles from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. With a subscription, you can enjoy ad-free streaming, and dive into the nostalgia with series like “Astro Boy,” “Fist of the North Star,” and “Galaxy Express 999.”

RetroCrush is the perfect destination for those seeking a trip down memory lane, all without the nuisance of ads.

RetroCrush Feature

RetroCrush’s focus on classic anime from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s is its standout feature. This platform caters to fans of older anime, allowing them to enjoy nostalgic content that may not be available on other streaming services.

Unique Feature: Classic Anime Focus

Streaming Plans & Pricing

  • Free Plan: Limited content with ads
  • Premium Plan: $4.99 per month, ad-free streaming, and access to the entire library of classic anime

9. AnimeHeaven

AnimeHeaven Pro offers the best HD Anime Online Free for animated movie lovers.


AnimeHeaven is another option for ad-free anime streaming, offering a vast library of content for both subbed and dubbed enthusiasts. Though it operates in a legal gray area, the platform boasts a dedicated user base and a user-friendly interface.

On the new AnimeHeaven pro website, you’ll find popular titles like “One Piece,” “Bleach,” and “Black Clover” on this platform, all without interruptions.

AnimeHeaven Features

AnimeHeaven boasts a clean, user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to navigate through the platform and find their desired content. This attention to user experience sets AnimeHeaven apart from other ad-free streaming websites.

Unique Feature: User-Friendly Interface

10. Aniwatch

Aniwatch is yet another reliable free anime website without ads. It offers blazing-fast streaming servers along with dedicated customer support for safe streaming.


Aniwatch is a relatively new platform that provides ad-free anime streaming without the need for a subscription. While its library isn’t as extensive as some other platforms, it does offer popular titles like “Demon Slayer,” “Dr. Stone,” and “Vinland Saga.”

Aniwatch is an excellent choice for users looking for a simple and straightforward streaming experience.

Aniwatch features

Aniwatch’s unique feature is its ad-free streaming experience without the need for a subscription. Users can simply visit the website and start watching their favorite anime series without any additional costs or commitments.

Unique Feature: No Subscription Needed

Benefits of Ad-Free Anime Websites

Ad-free anime websites are the solution to all your anime-watching problems. They provide a seamless viewing experience, eliminate the risk of accidentally clicking on malicious ads, reduce distractions and interruptions during the viewing process, and prevent the annoyance of having to sit through multiple ads before watching an episode.

Seamless Viewing Experience

nothing is more frustrating than being interrupted by ads in the middle of an intense scene. Ad-free anime websites provide a seamless viewing experience without any interruptions or distractions. You can focus on enjoying your favorite shows without any annoying pop-ups or banners.

No Malicious Ads

Malicious ads are a major concern. Clicking on one could lead you down a rabbit hole of viruses and malware that could harm your device. With ad-free anime websites, you don’t have to worry about accidentally clicking on malicious ads. You can watch your favorite shows with peace of mind knowing that your device is safe from harm.

Reduced Distractions and Interruptions

Ads can be extremely distracting and interruptive, especially when they appear right in the middle of an important scene or dialogue. Ad-free anime websites eliminate these distractions and interruptions so you can fully immerse yourself in the world of anime without any disruptions.

No More Annoying Ads

One of the biggest advantages of ad-free anime websites is not having to sit through multiple ads before watching an episode. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for several minutes just to watch a 20-minute episode. With ad-free sites, you can start watching immediately without any delays.

How Ads Affect the Viewing Experience on Anime Websites

Anime websites are a popular source for watching anime online. However, ads can be annoying and distracting while watching anime on these websites. Here’s how ads affect the viewing experience on anime websites:

Annoying Ads

Ads can be very annoying when they pop up in the middle of an episode, interrupting the flow of the story. They can also be distracting, taking away from the overall viewing experience. Some anime websites have too many ads that can ruin the viewing experience altogether.

Slow Loading Time

Ads can slow down the loading time of anime episodes on websites. This is especially true if you have a slow internet connection or are using an older device to watch anime online.

Tips for Watching Anime Without Ads

Anime lovers know that ads can be a real buzzkill. Luckily, there are ways to avoid interruptions and enjoy uninterrupted anime streaming. Here are some tips for watching anime without ads:

Use an Ad Blocker

One of the easiest ways to avoid ads during anime streaming is by using an ad blocker. There are many free ad blockers available online that you can install as browser extensions. These blockers will prevent pop-up ads and other types of advertisements from appearing on your screen.


Congratulations, you have now learned about the benefits of watching anime on ad-free websites, top anime websites without ads, tips for watching anime without ads, how ads affect the viewing experience on anime websites and a comparison of anime visual style with other forms of animation.

By choosing to watch anime on ad-free websites, you can enjoy uninterrupted viewing experiences that allow you to immerse yourself in your favorite shows. You also eliminate the risk of encountering inappropriate or malicious content that may be displayed through advertisements.

Some of the top anime websites without ads include Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Anime-Planet. These sites offer high-quality streaming services and extensive libraries of popular and lesser-known titles.

To enhance your viewing experience even further, try using an ad-blocker or subscribing to premium memberships offered by these websites.

Remember that advertisements can negatively impact your enjoyment of anime by disrupting the flow of the story and distracting you from important plot points. By choosing ad-free options, you can fully appreciate the artistry and storytelling found in this unique form of animation.

In conclusion, if you want to enjoy uninterrupted and high-quality streaming experiences while watching your favorite animes online, consider using one of these top ad-free anime websites today!


It's challenging to find a completely free anime app without any ads, as most legal platforms rely on ads or subscriptions to generate revenue. However, Tubi TV is a legitimate and widely recognized app that offers a free, ad-supported streaming experience with a diverse range of content, including anime. While it does show ads, they are generally less intrusive compared to other free platforms.
Several legal anime websites are available for streaming your favorite shows and movies. Some of the most reputable and legal platforms include: 1. Crunchyroll 2. Funimation 3. 9anime 4. Kissanime 5. HIDIVE 6. VRV 7. Tubi TV 8. RetroCrush 9. AnimeHeaven 10. Aniwatch
Watching anime on an illegal website can have several consequences, which may impact both you and the anime industry: Legal repercussions: Accessing copyrighted content without proper authorization can result in legal consequences. While individual users are rarely targeted, it is essential to be aware of the laws in your country regarding copyrighted content. Cybersecurity risks: Illegal websites often host malicious ads, malware, or phishing attempts that could compromise your device or personal information. These risks make visiting such websites potentially dangerous for your online security and privacy. Poor streaming experience: Illegal websites may have lower video quality, broken links, or intrusive ads that disrupt your viewing experience. Supporting piracy: By using illegal websites, you inadvertently support piracy and harm the anime industry. Creators and production companies depend on revenue from legal platforms to produce new content. Watching anime on illegal websites deprives them of the financial support they need to continue creating high-quality shows and movies. Ethical concerns: Watching anime on illegal websites is an unethical choice, as it doesn't compensate creators and distributors for their hard work.
Watching anime without ads for free can be challenging, as most legal platforms rely on ads or subscriptions to generate revenue. However, there are a few methods that can provide a limited ad-free experience while still using legal platforms: Free trials: Many legal streaming platforms offer a free trial period for their premium plans, which include ad-free streaming. Platforms like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and HIDIVE offer free trials that allow you to watch anime without ads for a limited time. Remember to cancel the subscription before the trial period ends to avoid charges. Public libraries: Some public libraries offer access to digital streaming platforms like Kanopy or Hoopla, which include a selection of anime titles. With a valid library card, you can access these platforms for free and without ads. Promotional offers: Keep an eye out for promotional offers or discounts on premium subscription plans from legal streaming platforms. Occasionally, platforms may offer limited-time promotions that grant free, ad-free access to their content. Legal streaming on YouTube: Some official anime channels on YouTube offer a limited selection of episodes or movies for free without ads. Examples include the "Nozomi Entertainment" channel or "GundamInfo" channel. The selection may be limited, but it is legal and ad-free.
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