Gamban vs. NetNanny

 Problem gambling is one of the issues that came with the popularity of online casinos among players worldwide. Many players are now addicted to gambling online, and because of this, their finances and loved ones suffer from this. As a solution to problem gambling, there are different self-exclusion and blocker tools that players install on their devices to stop them from gambling online.

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 Some of these tools are downloaded by the problem gambler’s family and friends, while the gambler themselves downloads others. One of the most popular self-exclusion tools is Gamban. Despite the fact that there are several non Gamban online casinos, this blocker is one of the most effective. On the other side, we have NetNanny, parental control software not tailored explicitly for gambling. 

Gambling Problems

Whether it’s called problem gambling, gambling addiction, or compulsive gambling, all gambling problems boil down to one point. This is that players can’t stop gambling no matter how much they try, and regardless of the apparent adverse effects it has on their lives, family, and finances, they keep gambling.

It’s challenging to get over any addiction, and this includes gambling. Self-exclusion tools have proven to be very effective in controlling gambling addictions. Apart from this, support groups, counselling, and professional help are also essential when dealing with a gambling addiction.

Gamban Features

Gamban was established in 2015, and since then, it is widely used by players all around the world who are struggling with a gambling addiction. It has proven to be very useful and is highly affordable, making it the first choice for many players.

Gamban works by restricting all gambling activities and transactions on your phone. You might not even be able to access cryptocurrency wallets, which is widely used by players to gamble. It does not allow signing up, withdrawals, or deposits on any online casino.

Gamban cannot be uninstalled until your subscription time is over, and you cannot unblock yourself until your self-exclusion period is expired. The program is very strict with its users, providing little to no room for bypassing the software.

It is very affordable to subscribe to, and it offers a 14-day trial period. Players can try it out during these two weeks, and if they are impressed, they can download it on all their devices. You don’t have to subscribe three times if you have a laptop, phone, and tablet. One subscription will cover all the three devices. Players can subscribe to be self-excluded for an entire year or pay monthly if they want to cool off for a little while.

It can be easily downloaded on Mac and Windows desktop systems and Android and iOS devices through Play Store and Google Play.

NetNanny Features

NetNanny is a parental control software mostly used by parents to restrict their children from particular sites, and it can also be used by problem gamblers to block all gambling sites. Although it is not tailored specifically for gambling, it still proves to be useful. Since it is a parental control software, it can be connected to a family member or friend to monitor the problem gamblers’ activities on their devices and ensure they are not trying to access gambling sites.

NetNanny features a top notch internet filter, allowing the parent device to be in charge of the other device’s online activity. It also provides a screen time management tool, so you can set specific times for the device to be on.

The most important is the website blocker. The parent device can block specific websites and apps to prevent gambling. This can be quite tiring, and there is no guarantee that you will know all gambling websites and apps. You can only block the ones you know, and monitor the device activities to block any other gambling platform that might come up.

NetNanny also provides detailed reports and alerts on the device’s activities to the parent device and track their location. The location tracker is handy since some problem gamblers turn to land-based casinos after excluding themselves from all gambling websites..

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