Learning from Gaming’s Greatest Logo Designs of the Past and Present

Logos have become more critical than ever in the modern market, with the attention span of potential customers being reduced significantly since the advent of the internet. With so much access to products and so many adverts thrown in users’ faces every day, it takes a truly eye-catching logo to entice passersby. 


Quite suddenly, the gaming industry has become incredibly competitive, with creatives, platforms, and individual games all needing to craft alluring logos and game tiles to earn players. That said, even the decades that we’d now file under retro gaming managed to produce some superb designs, even with the competition being much lower than it is now.

The golden logos of retro gaming

Emerging as both an immersive new form of entertainment and a technologically advanced medium, video gaming brands had to find a way to relay everything that was on offer. One of the most iconic logos of the retro era has to be that of Atari. With the second ‘A’ of the word stylized to two inward-slopping lines meeting one central straight line, the name stood out. This design was inspired by the company’s first big release, Pong, with Kotaku reporting that the outside lines represent two players, with the central line being the court.

As for the games themselves, the 1980s titan Pac-Man also featured a single stylized letter, this time being the ‘C,’ which was transformed into the yellow, chomping game character. The 1993 release Doom is also notable for its iconic logo that further enforced the revolutionary experience therein. Doom is one of the landmark first-person shooter titles in the shift to immersive 3D gaming, with the 3D logo perfectly showcasing this achievement in game development.

A much more competitive landscape for logos

Two of the largest, most accessible, and most popular forms of gaming feature incredibly competitive environments. First, there’s mobile gaming, which contributes the majority of revenues to the gaming industry, and then there are the adult entertainment gaming platforms of online casinos. While these sites boast hundreds, even thousands of games that need to compete with each other across various platforms, it’s the sites themselves that pull the weight when it comes to sector competition.

They offer stacks of games, mobile apps, welcome bonuses, and much more, but as has been shown by industry leader Leo Vegas, the logo is another way to compete. With a name comprised of the Greek word for ‘lion’ and Vegas, from ‘Las Vegas,’ it’s already a memorable title. Still, to adorn the platform and feature as the app tile, it has a striking lion logo. For smaller icons, it draws from the lion paw stylizing the ‘O’ of the brand name, with that paw print appearing as the tab icon while on the site.

Just as the slots library at the online casino is loaded with games, so too are the mobile app stores, which see hundreds, even thousands of new releases every month. With only a small tile to catch the eye of screen-draggers, app games have had to be bold with their logo tiles. Among the top-grossing, PUBG Mobile features the game’s striking, but now iconic, helmet, and Candy Crush Saga just shows a small pile of the game’s candy symbols. Monument Valley also subtly prepares you for the style and adventure staged behind the download.

Gaming logos used to primarily be about a stylized name that draws from the brand. Now, with apps being such a huge part of everyday life, it’s about being eye-catching but somewhat informative through a single tile-size icon, with images being the preference to text.

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