Get CompTIA Certifications: Make Way for Highest-Paying Jobs

CompTIA Certification

A successful IT career is a dream come true for millions and that is absolutely not surprising as an IT career promises impressive salaries. A career in this field implies a steady job with good salaries. Even during the economic recession, the IT job market was thriving. IT certification is a must if you wish to catch the attention of your employers and stand out from the competition. Once you know that without certifications you could go nowhere in your career, you may explore the amazing world of certifications for the IT industry.

CompTIA is known for its authenticity and integrity. The certifications, courses, and training offered by CompTIA are recognized and acclaimed worldwide. They are supposed to be globally accepted credential. Some studies and research later, it has been proved that certain CompTIA certifications like CompTIA Network+ Training, CompTIA Server+ Training or some other CompTIA certification would be sharpening your skills and offering immense benefits or rewards.

These certifications would be equipping you with sound knowledge and expertise that would help you pursue a long career and a steady job in the IT sector without any hitches.

IT Certifications Lead to Some of the Highest-Paying Jobs

As per, some of the highest-paying jobs are definitely in the IT sector. “An information security engineer ($131,300) works to protect the company’s data and other assets from hackers and other malicious parties. That could be through strengthening encryption or generally working to close any security gaps in the company’s infrastructure.

A DevOps (development and operations) engineer ($137,400) is a specialized role that involves delivering a lot of code, quickly.” Here are some more of the top salaried IT jobs:

  • Enterprise Architect gets $144,400.
  • Technical program manager generally gets $145,000.
  • Software Architect could be offered $145,400.
  • Infrastructure architect: $153,000.
  • Software development manager: $153,300.
  • Data warehouse architect: $154,800.
  • Software engineering manager: $163,500.

Why Pursue CompTIA Certifications?

You may pursue CompTIA certifications to boost your expertise in the IT field and after completing any CompTIA certification salary is quite impressive. There are many certifications offered by CompTIA that are associated with the Information Technology sector. You need to devote some time and serious thought while choosing the right certification that would be quite effective in your career advancement, The IT certifications that are offered by CompTIA usually would be covering diverse disciplines that include computer basics, IT security, Computer Networking, and even Linux programming.

Get a Job Easily with CompTIA Certification

Research has revealed that CompTIA certifications would go a long way in getting you a good job with an attractive salary. Employers are often frustrated as right candidates with the requisite skills and qualifications are often very hard to get. According to many recruiters, there is a huge demand for certified IT professionals but unfortunately, there is still a considerable shortfall in talented and certified IT professionals. However, employers actually, focus a lot more on a CompTIA Certification as it is the surest way of knowing if a potential employee has the requisite technical skills and expertise.

Assured Higher Salary

CompTIA certifications offer a host of benefits and they assure a good job with better salaries. Studies and some researchers have already shown that an employee with a relevant CompTIA certification would be earning between 5 to 15 percent more as compared to other candidates with similar qualifications but no CompTIA Certifications.

The average salary for professionals with A+ Certification & other Important CompTIA certification holders:

  • CompTIA Cloud Essentials: $102,568
  • CompTIA Storage+: $92,823
  • CompTIA Server+: $82,918
  • CompTIA Security+: $81,467
  • CompTIA Project+: $76,279
  • CompTIA Network+: $74,828
  • CompTIA Linux+: $85,863
  • CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP): $90,579
  • CompTIA A+ salary: $72,546.

Project Management Way Ahead

Certified project managers get higher salaries as compared to the standard. They would be having an upper hand over their non-certified peers. Project Managers get an average salary of $87,416 if they are based in North America and are CompTIA certified. They possess expertise and proficiency in managing resources, as well as, stakeholders. They are good at maintaining project documentation.

Cybersecurity Stands Tall Among the Rest

In the last few years, Cybersecurity certifications have held the top slots for IT salaries. Out of the 20 top highest-paying certifications in Information Technology, six are supposed to be Cybersecurity certifications and that include CompTIA Security+ that has ranked 10th. Today Cybersecurity has gained a lot of traction so everyone associated with the IT industry must have a clear idea and some knowledge about Cybersecurity. So it is best to seek CompTIA Security+ certification that would be preparing IT professionals to solve a host of Cybersecurity issues.

Get Sound Knowledge on the Basic Skills

CompTIA certifications equip you in such a manner that you develop a sound knowledge of the fundamental IT skills relating to IT infrastructure that covers configuring, troubleshooting, and managing networks.

Cloud Is Gaining Traction

CompTIA Cloud is the way to go. This is the right certification for experts who need to flaunt cutting-edge proficiency. The industry today is appreciating the increasing demand for validating one’s competence in preferably more than a single cloud environment for equipping certification holders with the proficiency and capability of staying well ahead of the rest.

Understanding the Importance of IT Certifications

Decision makers have reported that in general, certified members are used to troubleshooting issues and completing projects far faster and more efficiently as compared to those who do not have CompTIA certifications. There are very few skill gaps in them. This is predominantly an industry where validation is supposed to create real value.


Today all IT professionals must understand the benefits of getting certified. Remember CompTIA certifications could help in getting you a much-aspired and desired high-paying job in the United States.

Moreover, certified employees perform efficiently assuring a boost in productivity and they are always considered for a raise in salary. 20 percent of the certified people have admitted that they have achieved a 10 percent raise.

About 40% of the certified professionals have admitted to receiving raises within the very first year of completing the certification and joining an organization. IT certifications are surely the best way of making a progress upwards in your career graphs.

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