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There are many free data recovery software available on the internet. How would you know which one will be perfect for you? Of course, data recovery software is a very important tool that you can use to get back your lost data from most of the problematic situations. The problem is, not all the data recovery software are good enough or not all data recovery software are free. So in this article, we are going to talk about the best free data recovery software that can provide you with great user experience and give better results every time when you try to recover any data.


Reasons Why You Need a Free Data Recovery Software:

There are many reasons why we need a data recovery software . We can’t mention all of them here but we have mentioned few of those reasons that might help you understand the necessity of a video recovery tool. Let’s look at those common reasons.

  • Storage Fail: Any time your data storage may fail or get damaged physically somehow, then you will lose important data without even expecting it. So to solve this kind of unexpected problem, data recovery software is a must have.
  • Human Error: Human error such as accidental deletion or format can cause data loss any time. Then you definitely need a data recovery software to get back all the accidentally lost data.
  • Data Lost/Stolen: Your important office or personal data may get lost or stolen. When this kind of problem occurs, you definitely need a data recovery tool free.
  • Storage Drive Corrupted: The storage drive of your phone or computer may get corrupted due to various reasons. After that you lose data and you need to recover them.
  • OS failure: Sometimes, operating system fails and it causes data loss. So you need to recover those data.

Best Data Recovery Software – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

After losing data instead of starting to panic, you need a powerful data recovery software free to get all the data back again. So we are going to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, which is the best free data recovery software on the market right now. It’s an all in one data recovery solution with quick and complete data recovery process for Windows computer, laptops and Windows compatible devices. With such an intuitive and easy to use interface, it has all kinds of advanced functionalities that can deeply search and recover data from your device in no time.


  • It’s a powerful data recovery tool compatible with Windows computer, laptops and other Windows compatible devices.
  • It can recover data from more than 100+ real-life data loss scenarios such as deletion, formatting, RAW drive, etc.
  • It has advance scan algorithm system with 2 scanning modes including quick scan and deep scan.
  • It has “Export/Import Sessions” process that will allow you to start/pause longer scanning process when there are large storage drives to scan.
  • Allows users to preview and check the data before recovering them.

Steps to Recover Data Using EaseUS Data Recovery Software:

Step 1: Select Drive/Folder Location to Scan

Download, install and start the EaseUS Wizard in your computer. When you got the homepage of the program, select the location/drive/external storage to start scanning.

EaseUS Storage

Step 2: Scan Selected Drive/Storage

Now the program will do a quick scan on the selected drive location to find the lost files. When the quick scan is finished, you will see that the software has listed all the lost files in the program window. After that, it will immediately start to perform a deep scanning to make sure any file doesn’t get missed. Deep scan will definitely bring out any file that can be recovered. It also take longer time than a quick scan.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Step 3: Preview and Recover Files

Finally when the scanning process is finished, you can easily preview and choose all the files that are needed to be recovered. Here, the filtering option might come in handy to filter any desired file types. After you have selected all the files that you need to recover, just click on “Recover” button to start recovering all the lost data on your computer. You must make sure not to save the files again into the same location of your computer again where the data was lost.

Data Recovery Software


In the end, there is nothing left to mention about EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard but there are endless possibilities with this software. If you are searching for the best data recovery software, then EaseUS Data Recovery tool will give you the best user experience possible. There is no other program that can give you 100% guaranteed data recovery solution every time in more than 100+ data loss scenarios.

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