How To Get More Youtube Views And Monetise It?


Gaining a higher number of YouTube ways is also a technique in the world of increased competition. With thousands of channels across the globe with the same topic, making your place is a bit tough.

You cannot simply start your channel, and expect to get the funds out of it. Can you expect a shop to make a profit, without the customers buying anything from it?

If you want to monetise your YouTube channel, you should first learn How to Increase YouTube Views? Having a mall with all the advanced and latest collection but not having a technique to sell the product can never help you with customers or earning.

Prime Focus For Earning Through A Youtube Channel

Online platforms and social media channels keep on changing their algorithm to present the quality content to their users.

So, if you want to know How to Increase YouTube Views? You should first read the latest algorithm of YouTube that was last updated in 2019.

Before the update, there was a possibility to monetise based on the number of views. If you have 10,000 plus views for your video or channel, you can easily monetise your channel.

However, it is not anymore true. There was a lot of spam to increase the number of views. Thus, people started using chatbots to increase the number of views. A single user was made to click a video, exit after a few seconds, and watch the video again.

These are just a few examples. There are many other ways to increase the number of views that the owner of the channel uses.

Well, now none of the cheats and scams is going to give you the user. Every viewer to your channel must be unique to increase the number of views. Along with that, unless and until the user does not watch a video for more than 30 seconds it will not be counted as a view.

Not only that, if a single user is trying to increase the number of views, your views will get stuck to 300 or 308. Also, YouTube put your video to its bad books or spam. Monetising can never be done for such videos.

If you really want to monetise your YouTube channel, you shall focus the white hat tactics on

How to Increase YouTube Views? Build backlinks, share on social media, use cards, tags, thumbnails, and more.

Final Words:

Get more and more genuine views for your video and channel. You can monetise your YouTube channel only when you complete 4000 hours of watching for your YouTube channel in a year.

Not only that, not to give rise to any scam, YouTube now count on subscribers for monetisation and not the views. One user can subscribe only once, and if you want to monetise your YouTube channel, you should have 1000+ subscribers and 4000 genuine watch hours.

If you can satisfy both the conditions, you are eligible to get the earnings from a YouTube channel.

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