Getting the Right Materials for Your Business

Businesses require a wide variety of materials, equipment, creativity and ideas. Branded marketing materials, no matter your niche and focus, can make marketing as easy as handing out free goodies. These marketing activities and metrics often get forgotten as you master the day to day operations and other endless demands of running your own business. Hosting local and regular events in your space, creating messaging and developing a reputation happens in a variety of forms, and is a never-ending game of bringing ideas to life and filling the customer pipeline, to keep current customers happy and engaged, as well as getting new faces in the door. Consider these options for your marketing efforts:

1. Branded marketing materials.

These are easily customizable, generally inexpensive and easy to give away to everyone, including both current clients and prospective ones. Whether you have regular presences at conventions and workshops, or have a healthy volume of walk in traffic, these marketing materials can be vital to expanding your message and reach.

Physical marketing materials can be customized with your logo, a current season’s theme, your next hosted event or a mantra you live and love by. Whether you have one location or multiple locations, building your brand can be as simple as giving out inexpensive, customized stickers to your clientele, friends and family. You can get an assortment customized stickers, pens, notepads and other small items from a variety of sources, both online and from local businesses. Many businesses find that working with a local small business in your area is a great option, as it creates a strong business relationship. Exploring online resources that are often more scalable for price and turnaround time is another route and viable choice.

Whatever option you go with, you’ll know what works for your business based on your volume and immediacy of production and creative design needs. The most important thing is to have branded marketing items to share before your next event, whether in your space or at another venue.

2. Branded clothing items.

This is a simple and very widely practiced way to get the message out about your business, no matter what type you have, from yoga studios to plumbing businesses. When people are out in the world wearing clothing with your business’s brand displayed, that personal relationship creates a strong sense of brand loyalty and external awareness and a certain level of trust and commonality. Branded clothing is essentially like having a walking billboard, and an often well intentioned voice for your business. Similarly to physical marketing materials, there are sources you can find both locally and online, or globally, for designing and printing. These can be given away at no cost to your customers, or sold at cost, or just above, for a profit. The most important factor is to have a design that is uniquely your own, and one that communicates the essence and message of your brand clearly. Alternative apparel wholesale is a great resource and example of options you can choose from when looking for premium foundational items from a longstanding and well known brand to have customized for your business, or a promotional event. From hats to tanks, pants to t-shirts, you can easily get a wide variety of basics for your promotional branded materials.

3. Customized, branded bottles.

A few short decades ago, we must have been severely dehydrated, as all many drank were tasty sodas. Bottled water wasn’t yet a trend, nor was having customized, designer high quality water bottles. These are an easy and common way to create and renew interest and brand loyalty, cultivate relationships and keep everyone hydrated from a stylish vessel they will enjoy using everyday. Keeping customers and prospective clients hydrated is a great way to show you care, and to get your message out!

In every business, there needs to always be at least a small allocation each month for marketing and bringing in new clients. Your business’s marketing budget will vary based on your needs month to month, year to year. Marketing activity never ends, and comes from a wide variety of sources, from word of mouth, your website and having your message and brand out into the world via friends and clients in the form of branded marketing materials. Getting new gear for your business is exciting, for you, your employees and your customers!

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