5 Important Considerations for Choosing Perfect Glass Erase Boards for Classroom

glass eraser board

For many years’ chalkboards have been used for school classrooms.
They were highly weighted and difficult to erase. It took a lot of effort to
remove the written text on blackboards and white chalk dust was also believed
to leave atmosphere polluted. But in recent years trends are following the
whiteboards away from chalkboards. These dry erase boards are popular for the
last decade and they are gaining drive and innovation day by day.

Glass boards are new erasable surfaces that are based on glass
sheets. And after dry erase boards they have got most popularity. From pre-schools
to high schools and from home to office everywhere these glass boards are being
used. Even nowadays restaurants use these glass boards to present the menu
outside the door.

Beautiful Glass
Boards Attract Attention and Provide Elegant Finishes

Their glossy and clean look can attract not only students but
everyone coming close to them. For classrooms, magnetic glass
are being used for lectures, lesson plans and for drawing
purposes. Stain-free, easy cleaning and handy to use, these are some perfect
features to describe glass boards. They bring together form and functions and
stay longer than melamine, porcelain, and results are durability.

Keeping all things together on one list; the size of the boards
and compatibility of the space, the color of the board, the purpose of the
board, most importantly strength and ease to clean, choose a glass board.

Uses Other Than
Classrooms Are Also Possible

The best type of easily erasable board will differ in size due to
its place of use and its purpose. For a kitchen note, for a cooking plan and to
make some meal plan, you will prefer having short but cute glass board to hang
in the kitchen. You may not choose this same board when you are going to mount
this in some classroom.

On the other hand, in case you need a board for your classroom you
must be selecting large surface area board, easy to clean and durable because
they are used often. So, here are some tips to choose the right glass board for
your classroom. Here are some considerations for your classroom glass erase

1: Color of Glass Board Match Classroom Settings

While choosing a board for classroom keep in mind the purpose of
that glass board. Like if you are going to use this board for a daily lesson
plan then it must be light in color and highly visible to every student of the
class. Also keep in mind the color of class cupboards, walls and all the
drawings hanging around. Fab glass and mirror offers a
wide range of glass boards which comes in five different shades like white,
green, orange, peach and light blue. They are easy DIYs you can mount them
vertically or horizontally the way you want. They also offer stainless steel
hardware to fix the board in the air.

2: Sizes of Glass Erase
Boards are Versatile

For classrooms, more than one board can be used at the same time.
Therefore there is a variety of sizes of glass boards available in the market.
First of all measure space where you need to put the board and calculate size.
Because dry erase glass boards come in different sizes so you can have them in
the classroom depending upon your need. A lesson plan will need small standing
board but enough vertically long that each lesson can be put upon it. Also,
think of the area like small classrooms do not need wide boards but small ones.
And large classrooms must need huge boards to cover the visual area from every

3: Strength-Colored
Glass Board

For classrooms when choosing glass board you must be sure of its
strength. Thickness is not a mark of strength. Sometimes thick glasses shatter
away very easily. So keep in mind that the glass board you are going to choose
for your classroom must be strong and shatter free. Sometimes kids in classroom
fight and push someone on to the board and if the board is shattered then a
massive and hard to handle the situation will occur.

You may not end up disappointed if you choose the right type of
glass board for your classroom and properly look after it for longer use.

4: User Simplicity
in Writing and Cleaning

From the point of view, the user simplicity some glass board choosing
tips are Smooth surface, eco-friendly and easy to clean. You may find fun to
write and enjoy the learning process when a clean, sleek and modern surface is
in front of you. Even on glass boards, different colored pens can be used to
make persons attentive and make them understand things easily.

Do not use permanent markers and wash these boards with glass
cleaners every now and then.

5: Durability Is

There are many examples when you will realize that maybe your
glass board is losing its shine and color. Original looks fade away easily
because a classroom board is being used daily on a regular basis. Sometimes
smudges and leftover writings are sketched permanently overboard. Therefore, you must be choosing a board with enough surety
that it does not lose its original look even when used for years. For longer
and durable usage choosing the right board is crucial.

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