Glo Data Plan, Subscription Codes and Prices For All Devices in 2019 – Updated

Are you one of those guys that search for cheap & reliable Glo data plan? If YES then you have arrived at the best site to get a complete list of glo data plan for Android and all other devices.

Glo has got the most affordable prepaid data plans offering fast, reliable and cheap data plans for as low as N100 for 100MB, N200 for 265MB, N500 for 1GB, N50 for 49MB, and N25 for 22.5MB irrespective of your device.

To be frank, Glo, a self-proclaimed The Grandmaster of Data is really worth the name because it has been the leader in terms of the cheapest data plan provider in Nigeria so far.

Don’t know about any Glo data bundles? Like I said earlier, you have just arrived at the right place to get fast and cheap data plans from our list of Glo data plan subscription made easy codes.

Below are some bunches of cheap Glo data plans for you to choose from, whether you’re a new or an existing subscriber. GLOBACOM Nigeria has got on the good side of its subscribers by making all Glo data plans 3G/4G compatible. With this initiative, all Glo customers can subscribe to any data bundles of their choice and use it on any internet enabled devices. i.e. you can sub for glo blackberry data plans and use it on Android or an iPhone, iPad, etc.

Glo data plans

Glo Data Plans For Android And All Devices

As of now, the Glo data subscription is subdivided into 3 categories namely:

  • Glo Mini plans
  • Glo Monthly plans
  • Glo Mega plans.

Now it’s time for you to choose any plan that best suit your needs from the below list below or simply dial *777# and select a plan from the onscreen options.

Glo Data Plan (Mini Plans)

The Glo mini plans category consists of daily glo data bundles. Glo daily subscriptions are the type of glo data bundles that valid within 24hrs (1 day).

Glo Daily Data Plans

Details below unveils the Fast and Cheap Data Plans From Glo so you can conveniently choose your preferred plan:

Glo Daily ₦25 Data Subscription

Price: N25

Data cap: 22.5MB

Plan validity: 1 Day

Activation: Dial *127*32#

Glo Daily ₦50 Data Subscription

Price: N50

Data cap: 49MB

Plan validity: 1 Day

Subscription/Activation code: *127*14#

Glo ₦100 Daily Data Subscription

Price: N100

Data cap: 100MB

Plan validity: 1 Day

Activation code: *127*51#

Glo ₦200 5 Days Subscription

Price: N200

Data cap: 262MB

Plan validity: 5 Days

Subscription code: Dial *127*56#

Glo ₦500 Weekly Data Subscription

Data cap: 1GB

Plan validity: 7 Days (a week)

Price: N500

Activation process: Dial *127*57#

Glo Monthly Data Plans For All Phones

All the plans in this section are valid for a period of 30 days. They also include 25% data bonus on auto-renewal, both new and existing customers can get this bonus.

Glo ₦1000 Monthly Subscription

Data cap: 2GB

Price: N1000

Activation code: Dial *127*53#

Plan validity: 30 Days

For the guys that search for Glo data plan code for 1000, simply dial the above-mentioned code for quick activation.

Glo ₦2000 Monthly (30 Days) Subscription

Plan validity: 30 Days – (1 month)

Activation code: Dial *127*55#

Price: N2000

Data cap: 4.5GB

Glo ₦2500 Monthly Data Subscription

Data cap: 7.2GB

Price: ₦ 2500

Plan validity: 30 Days

Subscription/Activation code: Dial *127*58#

Glo ₦3000 Monthly Data Subscription

Price: N3000

Data cap: 8.8GB

Plan validity: 30 Days

To activate: Dial *127*54#

Glo ₦4000 Monthly Data Plan

Plan validity: 30 1 month (30 Days)

To acactiva: Simply dial *127*59#

Price: N4000

Data cap: 12.5GB, 25% glo bonus data included.

Glo ₦5000 Monthly Data Plan For All Devices

Price: N5000

Data cap: 15.6GB

Plan validity: 30 Days

Activation: Dial *127*2#

Glo N8000 Monthly Data Plan

Price: ₦8000

Data cap: 25GB

Activation process: Dial *127*1#

Plan validity: 30 days

Glo Mega Plans

Here are yet another biggest glo fast and cheap data bundles that can be used in offices, cyber cafes’ or a firm as a whole. This includes:

Glo ₦10000 Monthly Data Plan

Price: ₦ 10000

Data cap: 32.5GB

Activation code: Dial *127*11#

Plan validity: 30 Days

Glo Daily ₦15000 Monthly Data Plan

Activation: Dial *127*12#

Price: N15000

Data cap: 52.5GB

Plan validity: 30 days

Glo Daily ₦18000 Monthly Data Plan

Activation: Dial *127*13#

Price: N18000

Data cap: 62.5GB

Plan validity: 30 days

Glo Daily ₦20000 Monthly Data Plan

Activation: Dial *127*33#

Price: N20000

Data cap: 78.7GB

Plan validity: 30 days

Note that to boost glo data plan up to 1GB you need to always add a new data plan to your existing data sub before it expires. By doing this you can get a double amount of data purchased and extend its validity.

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