How To Enable Google 2-Step Verification With Ease

Google 2 step verification

Google Two-step or two-factor verification, whichever way you choose to call it helps with Improved security whether, for personal or professional use, it decreases the chances of someone gaining access to your account without your approval.

Google’s two-step verification is free to make use of. Once you’ve entered your username/email and password, before any access can be gained into the account, a code will be sent to your phone as either a text, voice and so on, for you to input as well.

This code is created specifically for your account and can only be used once.

According to Techytab, It is very important to secure your Google Account as hackers are trying to get in by the minute.

Here’s how to enable Google 2-Step Verification with ease.

How To Enable Google 2-Step Verification With Ease

1. Open your Google Chrome Browser and type in “google account”.

2. Click on “Sign in – Google Accounts”. It usually appears as the first search result. You can alternatively go to the myaccounts page.

Gmail sign in

3. Input your email address.

Gmail Password

4. Input your password and sign in.

Google security

5. The homepage of your Google account will appear. On the left-hand side, you will see “Security”. It is usually the fourth option. Click on it.

2 Step Verification

6. Scroll down till you get to “Signing in to Goggle“. Underneath it, they are two options. Click on the second option “2-Step Verification“.

Gmail Get started

7. At the right corner of the page, you will see “GET STARTED“. Click on it.

Google login

8. You will be requested to verify your password. You will re-enter the password for your account and click on “Next”.

Gmail password confirmation

9. Choose your country. Then input your phone number. Choose how you want to receive the codes. There are two options –

  • Text message
  • Phone call

Choose any and then click on “NEXT’.

Gmail text phone call verification

10. Now there might be the issue of Google telling you your number is invalid. Sadly, the same happened to me. All you need do is to click on “Choose another option”.

2 step verification google

11. Two options will appear –

  • Security Key
  • Google Prompt

Click on “Google Prompt”.

Google Prompt

12. Your mobile device will be automatically discovered if you’ve logged into your Google account on the device before. If you can’t find your device then click on “Don’t see device?” Now click on “TRY IT NOW”

google gmail login password

Google will send a prompt to you.

Google 2 Step Verification 2

13. The prompt will appear on your device. Tap on “YES”. You will be notified when your Sign-in has been approved.

singin notifications

14. Now it is time to choose a backup option. If Google is still saying phone number is invalid then click on “USE ANOTHER BACKUP OPTION”. Now click on “SEND”.


15. Several backup codes will appear. These are one-time passcodes that you will use to sign in and they can only be used once. Click on download to save it on your device or print it out instead. Now click on “NEXT”.

Google 2 Step Verification Backups

16. Now it is time to turn on 2-step verification. Click on “TURN ON”

turn on 2 step verification

Your 2-step verification has now been activated.

2 step verification activated

If your Google account has already been logged into on your phone, you will be sent a message. In this message are several links which are shortcuts you can make use of. If you want to get your backup codes easily you can also make use of the link attached there.

Google 2 step verification turned on


Google 2-Step verification is a sure method that helps keep your Gmail account safe from hackers, personally I have been using the 2-step verification method for a long time now and my experience thus far has been smooth. Thanks for stopping by.

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