4 Easy Steps to use Google Search Console to Improve Your SEO

Google Search Console

Getting a rank in the google search result is not an easy task it seems to be tough. Google is the number one search engine and everyone wants web traffic on their website. It could be possible if your website has good search presence on the search engine result page.

Google offers some recommendations to its users for better search visibility on SERPs via google search console formerly known as “Webmaster tool”.

In this article, You knew the tips to improve the visibility of your website on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Before proceeding further, let’s first understand what is Google search console.

What is Google Search Console?

Google search console is a free search engine submission platform by Google that lets you analyze your website behavior on Google Search Platform, in terms of impression & clicks your website receives. Other than that you can find out websites linking to you, crawlability & indexability of your website. What’s more? The platform lets you submit sitemap of your website.

You don’t need a search console to show your website on google but it helps you to understand how Google sees your website.

It includes several tools that give you insights on your website, what things affecting your website ranking, how to fix potential issues that could improve your website.

Honestly, there is no secret to rank higher on search result but one can easily rank with proper optimization of the website by improving their website health and fixing issues. Let’s start with the ways to improve your website visibility on SERPs.

What’s the difference between Google Search Console and Google Analytics?

People are often confused between Google Search Console and Google Analytics, the two aren’t identical. Google Search Console simply let’s you analyze your website behavior on Google Search Platform, you can control your website on GSE using tools like Structured Data Testing Tool, Sitemap, Robots.txt. Google Analytics on the other hand allows you to understand the behavior of the traffic that arrives at your website, there’s no extent to which you can investigate the arrived traffic’s behavior.

Here are ways Google Search Console Supercharged your SEO:

1. Improve CTR

The first thing we have to improve our organic CTR (Click Through Rate) of your pages.

If your website is ranking higher on google but no one clicks on it than it will steadily go down after some time. Google considers organic CTR of your website to give ranking on the search result page.

Websites ranking on the first page get more click than to website on second and another page. What if your website has an impression but no clicks through SERP.

CTR gives you a chance to get more traffic without changing or creating new content. You can easily improve your web traffic that every website owner dreams.

Let’s learn how you can check and improve CTR.

To find your CTR, Just click on the performance report in Google Search Console.

Google Search Console Performance

In the above image, you can see the website has a good number of an impression but the average CTR is just 3%.

If your website has a good visibility than it’s time to improve the CTR. You rank on google’s first page but no one is clicking to your website this tells us that you need to work on internally on your webpage.

Things that improve your CTR is Title and Meta description. Yes, this is the first thing that users see and click after reading it. If your title is boring/lengthy. It’s not catchy than it’s really hard to grab and hold the attention of users.

Use catchy titles, make it under 60 characters and take ideas from the website who already rank on google. Add some extra words like the Number, year, how, why, etc.

Meta description short information about the webpage, keep it under 160 characters, be simple and give a reason to click.

Analyze whats things you need to improve. Check others content,

title and the quality. Is the content you deliver is better than others? Analyze these few things.

2. Monitor Incoming Links

We all know how important it is to build backlinks for your website, using search console you can monitor who is linking to you, if you have manually built links but it doesn’t appear in the links tab then that means that Google hasn’t crawled and indexed that link in which case you should inform the website where you built link to submit that page for reindexing or you should share that web page over social & submit that page to Ping sites so that the web page can get indexed and your backlink can get processed.

Google Search Console also helps you find spammy incoming links so that using Google’s disavow tool you can disavow links from website that will hurt your website.

3. Fix the Underperforming Pages

In search console you can find the pages that not rank well and not getting enough traffic, you can fix it. In the performance section, you find the keywords into which you have a good amount of impression but very fewer clicks. You can improve it.

The search analytics tab as it is shows you keyword for which you are receiving impressions compared with clicks, if impressions are more but clicks are less then that hints you that you will need to customize site title, slug and meta description in a way that influences clicks. Or you can add keywords for which you are receiving impression but are not added in the web page that will basically skyrocket the impressions.

4. Fix the Errors

Webmaster tools show you the errors that crawler found, By analyzing and fixing those errors will improve your website performance on the Search engine page.

Also, you can optimize your website speed to improve your webpage. Speed is the important factor, If users click on your site but it takes time to load so the user gets back to the search result page and go to another website.

This will increase your bounce rate as well as a great loss into your web traffic. If your website is on AMP then chances are that you will be faced with a lot of validation & indexing errors, GSE helps you identify errors so that you can rectify.

Final Words!

The work is not done, After fixing and changing the things it’s time to track your improvements. you need to keep tracking your website ranking, keywords that are driving traffic, analyze the changes in web traffic and CTR, tracking the competitor’s website and always get updated for any new algorithm.

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