12 Best GoToTub Alternatives To Watch TV Series Online

GoToTub is not the first free streaming website to be taken offline, therefore we are not shocked that it was one of the most recent victims.

So, what can you do if your go-to website for free movie streaming is unavailable?

There are, thankfully, numerous GoToTub alternatives where you may view free movies and television shows at any time.

After evaluating over four-dozen free streaming sites for quality, ease-of-use, security, and speed, I have identified the eleven best GoToTub alternatives in 2022 that will satisfy any movie buff!

However, note that free streaming sites pose severe privacy hazards. Due to the nature of these P2P file-sharing services, there are numerous websites that carry malware or spyware via infected links or pop-ups.

Regardless of which GoToTub alternative site you use, you must utilize it in conjunction with a trustworthy Virtual Private Network.

A VPN will mask your IP address and location and encrypt your online activities, allowing you to view free movies and TV shows on these sites with improved connection speeds and an added layer of protection.

All of these free sites have risks, like ads and pop-ups that can be annoying, and some even have malware and spyware. On top of that, going to these sites can be dangerous because you might be breaking the law if you download or stream pirated or copyrighted content. Use a VPN to stream your shows safely on any of these free sites.

Keep reading for the top 10 best sites like GoToTub that you can use in now.

What Is GoToTub?

GoToTub is a website where you can watch movies and television shows online. You can also download movies and shows to watch offline. GoToTub has a large selection of movies and shows to choose from.

GoToTub was shut down after many ups and downs and changes in URLs. But because people wanted watch movies online free full movie no sign up, a lot of sites like GoToTub popped up quickly to give users free full movies online streaming options.

There are a lot of free streaming sites on the internet now, but not all of them work and not all of them let you stream movies and TV shows safely.

12 Best GoToTub Alternatives

Here are some great alternatives to GoToTub that are easy to use, safe, and have great content to stream online:

1. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy GoToTub Alternative

The appealing user interface of the MoviesJoy makes it one of the best GoToTub alternative. It has a search bar in the center of the homepage, making it easier to search for TV series and movies rapidly.

On MoviesJoy website, you may easily utilize the search option to browse by categories such as genre, country, movies, top IMDb selections, and television shows, and new content is continually being added.

This website does not offer a large selection of foreign movies, but it has a large collection of American films. Those who wants to stream quality American films and TV shows will enjoy this website for unlimited free full movies streams. Watch stranger things season 2 Moviesjoy.

This site has fewer pop-up advertising than some of the other free sites like GoToTub com, which is a significant plus, as these commercials may cause a great deal of irritation.

Visit – MoviesJoy.to

2. WatchTVSeries

WatchTVSeries new site - comfortskillz.com

WatchTVSeries is a website where users can watch TV series online for free. The site has a large selection of popular TV series, and new episodes are added regularly. WatchTVSeries is a great option for people who want to watch TV series online without having to pay for a subscription.

You can find all sorts of TV shows on the website, from classic shows to new ones. The website is easy to use and you can find whatever show you’re looking for with just a few clicks. Check also websites to Watch TV series online free full episodes without downloading.

On this GoToTub alternative, TV Series are sorted by Popular TV Series, genre, like “most watched,” “action,” “biography,” “adventure,” “release year,” or “IMDb Top 250 Movies.”

This website has a lot of great TV series, but it also has a lot of ads, which can sometimes make it hard to watch your TV shows.

Visit – WatchTVSeries.co

3. Watch32

Watch32 ru GoToTub Alternatives

Watch32 is a website where you can watch TV series online for free. The website has a huge collection of TV series from different genres and countries. You can also create a free account on the website to keep track of your favorite TV series.

This GoToTub alternative website doesn’t have as many free movies and TV shows as other sites, but the quality of the free movies and TV shows more than makes up for it.

This is a good choice if you really like to watch documentaries, since not many other free movie streaming sites have them.

Where can I watch free movies no ads? Check Watch32 alternatives

You can use the search function or the search bar on the home page to sort your shows and movies by IMDb or category.

Visit – Watch32.ru

4. FMovies

FMovies GOSTREAM alternatives

FMovies is a clean website that is a decent alternative to GoToTub.

You can choose between the new and old layouts for this site, so you can choose which one suits you best. If you are unsure which movie to view, I recommend using the search option on the older layout.

This GoToTub alternative also allows you to go to night mode, which is a lovely and cozy option if you want to stream late at night with a darker screen.

Visit – FMovies.cc

5. GoMovies


GoMovies is another excellent GoToTub alternative to movies online free and does not require registration.

This website provides numerous mirrors, therefore there is always a link that works if you are unable to access your movies and TV series through a dead link.

I was glad that I was able to browse this website with minimal buffering, even in HD, however I thought the home page to be somewhat busy, and the pop–up advertising I noticed were somewhat annoying. If you are looking for where to experience amazon prime video quality free, why not give GoMovies cloud a try with ads blocker on your browser? Check the best ad blocker for streaming sites

Visit – GoMovies.sc

6. KatMovieHD

katmoviehd tw

KatMovieHD is an excellent GoToTub alternative that provides users with a vast selection of TV series and films, including a great deal of international streaming content.

You can arrange search results by rating, date, and additional filters, as well as trending material.

As is to be expected with any free streaming service, KatMovieHD has a lot of pop-ups, which is really annoying; therefore, the easiest method to access this website is via a VPN.

Visit – KatMovieHD.tw

7. OnionPlay

onionplay co movies

OnionPlay co movies

OnionPlay is an option similar to GoToTub that lets you watch movies instantly without signing up.

You may arrange search results by most popular, most recently added, or genre, and the straightforward navigation makes it simple to find what you’re looking for.

This GoToTub alternative has advertisements, but they aren’t nearly as annoying as those on other free sites.

Visit – OnionPlay.se

8. 2KMovies

2kmovie cc sites like GoToTub Alternatives

With the largest collection of movies and TV series and no registration necessary, 2KMovies is a great alternative to GoToTub.

This website is user-friendly and simple to explore since you may arrange material in several different ways, including alphabetically, by number of views, and by year of release.

Anime, cartoons, Asian dramas, and other genres are just some of the things that may be streamed on this platform.

This GoToTub alternative is one of the free sites with the fewest adverts, which is a plus if the interruptions from commercials are a problem for you.

Visit – 2KMovies.cc

9. Yes! Movies

YesMovies Cataz net alternative

Yes! Movies is one of the easiest and most user-friendly online video streaming free movies sites like GoToTub available today. With a straightforward design and a large number of happy users, anyone may take use of the service’s vast library of media.

There will be no sign-up requirements for accessing the free material. Subject to internet speed, high-quality movies can be watched without interruptions for commercials or loading screens. Subtitled films and television shows from other countries are also accessible.

Visit – YesMovies.ag

10. LosMovies



LosMovies is a website where you can watch movies online for free. There is a wide selection of movies to choose from, and new movies are added regularly. You can also create a free account to keep track of your favourite movies and create custom lists.

LosMovies is another good alternative to GoToTub that does not require registration. It offers a wide selection of titles, including many popular and well-known movies and TV shows. The site is easy to use and navigate, and it provides a good quality of video streaming.

Visit – LosMovies

11. Popcornflix


Popcornflix is one of the top GoToTub alternatives for movie enthusiasts because it does not demand registration.

This GoToTub alternative has a vast selection of popular films, but no television programs.

This website’s user-friendliness is one of its greatest features, and it is ideal for usage on your Android or iPhone smartphone because it has both a mobile and desktop style.

Visit – Popcornflix.com

12. Hulu – Best for TV Shows and Movies

Hulu is a streaming service that offers ad-supported on-demand content from television shows, movies, and original programming. Hulu app is available on desktop, mobile, and streaming devices. A subscription to Hulu gives you access to the entire Hulu library with limited commercials.

Hulu is a great GoToTub movies alternative website that lets you access thousands of TV shows and movies online.

Download Hulu App

Watch TV Guide shows & movies
Watch TV Guide shows & movies

The Hulu website does not require users to set up an account to watch movies or shows, and it is visited by over half a million users monthly.

Visit – Hulu.com

FAQs – About GoToTub

What Is Gototub?

It might not be one of the oldest free sites, but it is surely one of the most popular ones. Gototub has been a safe haven for movie lovers all over the world to watch and download their favorite movies and TV shows.

With million visitors a day, Gototub surely provides what movie fans need, the high quality content and outstanding streaming features. But we will never stop surprising our beloved users. Gototub is now updated with new features, including the ad-free one, for your utmost safety and convenience.

Is GoToTub Safe?

Among thousands of free movies sites, Gototub is the most risk-free site. Thanks to the ad-free feature, the site is free from ads, pop ups, and commercials. Users are not required to click on any ads or sign up to have full access to the site’s content library and features.

Therefore, our users are safe from all Internet risks such as information leakage, identity theft, data loss, or corrupted networks. Gototub is as safe as Youtube and Google; therefore, you can enjoy your favorite movies without any fear.

Is It Illegal to Use Gototub?

Although Gototub is banned in some regions, using the site for free movie streaming is not illegal, according to copyright attorneys. Gototub download is available but you should stay anonymous with a reliable VPN before using the function to avoid criminal or civil charges.

What Happened to Gototub?

Unfortunately, free sites come and go, and Gototub is not an exception. Gototub com was shut down recently but we have come back with new features as a way to make up for our loyal users. As long as you still support us, we are dedicated to bringing you the best service a free movie site can do.

Why Is Gototub Not Working?

You can use this link https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/gototub.net.html to check if Gototub is working in your region. Follow our SNS accounts such as Gototub com Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates about the site’s status.

Wrapping Up

After learning everything about Gototub alternatives, you should feel on top of the world. The next session is approaching, and you must be giddy with anticipation to stream the marathon using the aforementioned methods. Don’t forget to use a VPN to unblock restricted websites and protect your data.

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