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Green Cards

Are in planning to immigrate into the United States but still thinking about the possibilities? If yes, you should make it a point of duty to look for the right information either online or from knowledgeable individuals. You should seek the right information because immigrating to the United States require one to be worthy and of course, ready to impact positively to the country’s growth. The green card is an important document that every immigrant should have to live a better life in the United States. If you are trying to live permanently in the US, then you should apply for a green card.

How to get a green card

Getting a green card in the United States could be easy if one follows the right steps, although the document can not be issued to everyone entering the United States due to immigration laws. For legal immigrants, green cards are needed to survive in the country. Below are some of the ways by which one can get a green card in the US;

Through family – getting a green card through one’s family is one of the common ways by which immigrants get green cards. Close family members like one’s spouse or parents can file for one, and of course, the green card would be out in no time. This could be done if one is not in the US. It is the best and the easiest way to get a green card. If you want to know if this type of green card is different from every other green card, then the answer is NO. Green cards are the same in the US. Therefore, if you have your spouse or parents in the US and you want to move to the US as well this could be your chance.

Through employment – if you get a professional job in the United States, then you may receive a green card as well. This could happen if your company or firm files for you. You will have to be a perfect person for the job before a company can file for you. If you are into IT, nursing or education then you should apply for vacancies in the US. You should know that getting a green card in the US can give you the opportunity to move to the United especially if you are willing to immigrate into the land of opportunity.

The question, WHEN DO I NEED U.S. VISA? Needs an answer from anyone planning a trip to the US. Citizens from visa waiver program countries do not need a visa to travel to the US. Thus you should check to receive ESTA status to see if you are eligible for an ESTA

Through investment – if you are rich and want to invest in the US, then you should do it now because this simple act will earn you a green card and of course citizenship in no time. To be eligible for a green card through investment, you must have employed at least 5 US citizens on a full-time job, spent at least five hundred thousand dollars in the US. This is not for everyone because it requires more money. Apart from getting a US green card, one will make a lot of profit by investing in the US economy since the country has a good economy that is improving now and then.

Through refugee – refugees are a group of people that have moved to the US due to threats from their home countries. This threat could be terrorism, war or other attacks. These set of people can be given green cards if they are found eligible. To be eligible, one needs to show authentic proof. This is another common way by which immigrants in the US get green cards.

Through a change of status – changing one’s immigration status is not as easy as most people think. It involves following some rules. If you are in the US with a non-immigrant visa, then you need to change your visa status before you can be given a green card thus it is always advisable that one has good reasons before taking the decision. Below are some points that one needs to put into consideration before changing one’s status in the US

  • Eligibility – this is very important. You should know if you are eligible before trying to apply for a green card.
  • Criminal record – to be worthy of a green card, one needs to be a law-abiding individual in the US. Having bad criminal records may not grant one a green card this if you are planning to get a green card then you should always obey the law.

Importance of a green card

As an immigrant with a green card in the US, there are some benefits that one enjoys and these benefits are;

  • Employment– one is free to work in the US legally with a green card. Having a job that brings food on the table is essential to survive in the US.
  • Freedom – the freedom that comes with the green card is amazing — no need to hide from immigration officers, no need to work in the US illegally.

I hope you now know what you need when planning to immigrate into the United States? Happy immigration!

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