Top 5 Mistakes Every Beginner Should Avoid in GTA Online

Online: Grand Theft Auto Online has no competition whatsoever, when it comes to freedom of choice. I mean there are literally thousands of activities that you can choose to do in GTA Online, plenty of jobs you can perform to earn money, build up a life from ground up, buy and sell luxurious cars and so much more.

While it is fun to have so many things to do, many players (not only beginners) tend to make mistakes and end up wasting a ton of time and energy in the process. Today, we are going to talk about 5 most common yet punishing mistakes that many beginners make without them even realizing, that they should avoid!


Waste Money on Luxurious Cars

Don’t get so hyped, I know buying luxurious cars to drive around the city of sins make you feel proud of your achievements but guess what, many beginners work tirelessly to earn some bucks and save them just to spend them on a luxurious car, which isn’t a bad thing but guess what else you could do with that money and we are talking millions here.

You can invest them in ton of small businesses to get passive income and before you even know it, you will not only be able to buy yourself that luxury car but also keep making more MONEY!

Hinged to Heists

When we talk about the best ways to make money in GTA Online, we usually end up with heists as the best way to earn quick and hefty cash in the game but something that most beginners don’t get is that, Heists aren’t easy! They take time, efforts, tools and most importantly team work.

It’s more like gambling nowadays, you are putting yourself on the line and if works, then all is well and you are rich! But guess that happens if you don’t make it? You end up getting yourself caught up that you miss out on great many opportunities outside of it be it contract killings, small jobs and what not!

Pausing the Game

One of the most hilarious things, I’ve seen people do is pausing the game and assuming that it’d actually make the whole game stop just because they hit “pause” button!

When it comes to online multiplayer games, there is no pause button and why would there even be one. I mean it’d literally be hell lot annoying if we were to pause the game just when someone was about to kill us with a headshot and wait them out! No, you can’t do that of course.

Spending Cash on Everything That Shines!

Most beginners end up getting themselves bankrupted by throwing cash on things that look “super cool” or what I like to call shiny. Of course, GTA Online is filled with so many things that would literally pull you in but be careful as earning cash in GTA Online isn’t as easy as it sound unless of course, you have real cash to buy cheap GTA Online Cash to fulfil all your desires!

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