The Ultimate Guide to Getting More Views on your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories, a feature copied from Snapchat, has quickly become the best way for visual content marketing, telling compelling stories, and building engagements on Instagram. The feature has become a darling to a lot of businesses in America, with studies showing that at least 70% of US businesses depend on Instagram Stories to reach out to followers.

Instagram stories

And even though Instagram stories are boosting a lot of business in America and across the world, most starters don’t know how to use them. This denies them an opportunity to leverage this feature and compete favorably for engagements like views, comments, and followers on Instagram. This ultimate guide will help you understand how to use this feature to get more Instagram views with Instagram Stories.

Don’t focus on one type of content

Instagram Stories does much better with different types of content from time to time. Your Instagram followers expect more from you, and this has to be entertaining as well as educative.

The best way to ensure that you post what your followers expect and when they expect it is by having an editorial calendar. When you schedule your content posting, you will be able to improve the user experience for your followers, which leads to more views for your Instagram Stories.

Notice also that by having an editorial calendar, you will be able to ensure consistency in your posting. This will go a long way in ensuring that your followers are always engaged, which ultimately improves your ranking in the search engines on Instagram.

Utilize stickers to engage with your followers

Instagram Stories is a great feature for interacting with your followers. If you properly understand how to use it, you will realize that you can get more views for your stories by having polls, questions, emoji sliders, and any other form of a sticker on Instagram.

Stickers on Instagram have a unique advantage, as they don’t just entertain your followers but keep them engaged by allowing them to participate in what you are doing.

Question stickers, for example, allow your followers to ask you questions on those areas that might need clarity for better understanding. Once they have asked their questions, you can post your answers via the same channel, thus ensuring that the views keep increasing as most will stick around to read the answers.

Look for more followers

Just like any other social media channel, the number of followers you have has a great impact on the success of Instagram Stories. If you have just a few followers, then getting a lot of views for your Instagram stories might be a hard task. Those brands and individuals who have succeeded in selling through Instagram stories have thousands of followers, making it easy for them to get more views on Instagram stories.

But we all know that getting Instagram followers is another investment that some starters might not afford. This is especially because one might not get immediate results after investing in followers. An alternative is to buy Instagram story views from established sellers like at an affordable cost. The views you purchase are genuine and from active and real Instagram profiles.

Share your Instagram Stories with your close friends

Instagram Stories feature can be set to include people from specific regions or even just close friends. This feature is a gold mine for those who know how to use it. To get more views for your Instagram stories, you need to schedule your content based on geographical location. Have stories shown in various countries when most people from that region are online.

At the same time, you can share Instagram Stories with close friends only. To do this, you first need to add them to the list of “Close Friends” from their bio. When you share a story, these people will be notified, and thus chances of viewing the story are quite high.

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