Guide to Natural Stone Countertops

Stone countertops are now trending in the world. People considering renovating their kitchens are now looking to install natural stone countertops to give a new elegant yet classic look. In addition, they no longer depend on a wood butcher block or plastic laminate as the countertop material.

Today, several types of natural stone countertops are available in the market, like Granite, Quartz, Caesarstone, and more. They have different properties and are available in unique colors & patterns. The natural stone countertop business is on the growing edge.

This article will describe various natural stones fit for making countertops in your kitchen. Note that your choice of natural stone will depend on the kind of cooking and pressure your countertop has to handle.

Types of Stone Countertops

There are several natural stone countertop options available for people to choose from for remodeling their kitchen, for example:

  1. Caesarstone
  2. Granite
  3. Marble
  4. Slate
  5. Soapstone
  6. Limestone
  7. Gemstone and more.

1. Caesarstone

Although Caesarstone is an engineered stone, it is made from 93% Quartz. You can read more about quartz and quartzite here As a result, it is long-lasting and a nice pick for kitchen countertops.

Furthermore, it is highly resistant to scratches and stains. In addition, you will not have to bother about any spills on the surface because it does not absorb any liquids.

They are available in limitless ranges of patterns, colors, and styles. The stone gives you Quartz hardness with any look you desire. For example, you can get it made in any color and even mimic a granite and marble look. So, it serves as your go-to solution for remodeling your kitchen with any desired look.

2. Granite

Granite is counted amongst the top-ranking natural stone choice for kitchen countertops. It is available in a wide range of colors and patterns. It is famous for its durability and unrealistically high- resistance to heat and acids.

In addition, you can cut your vegetables and fruits directly on a Granite stone as it does not scratch much. Although we do not recommend using your knives directly on the countertop because Granite is hard; thus, it dulls the knife.

It is reasonably priced; however, the prices may vary depending on the size of your countertop and the type of Granite you pick. Look wise; it offers an array of patterns; you can have swirls, veins or choose a consistent one. In other words, it is a nice option if you are looking for elegance and style under a budget.

3. Marble

Marble is a naturally occurring stone widely used in houses for flooring and countertop purposes. It is pleasing to look at and has various patterns with black lines crossing over, creating a wavy effect. Some may have spots here and there. It is available in multiple colors, but white is the most used.

It has a high resale value; thus, it is good for kitchen countertops. However, it is soft and porous, meaning that it will absorb liquids and may get stained over time. Therefore, you will have to take extra precautions with it, such as laminating it and more.

In addition, you have to save it from acids also. So, if you can provide extra precaution and care to the countertop, marble is a good pick for your kitchen countertops. The prices vary from basic to the rarer form of marble.

4. Slate

Nowadays, slate is a naturally occurring stone, becoming popular in modern kitchen settings. It is because it gives a uniform look to the countertops. In addition, the countertops made from slate are durable and highly resistant to stains.

Slate countertops have a unique and different feel and let your kitchen look distinguished from regular-looking kitchens. It is available in black, gray, or darker shades of these colors. In addition, the non-porous property of this stone lets the liquids flow; thus, you need no laminations for added safety.

In addition, the hard stone is resistant to any chipping or scratches; hence, a durable pick for your kitchen countertops. However, they are a little costlier than other stones. So, you might want to check the prices and get a proper quotation before making the final decision.

5. Soapstone

Soapstone is more of a softer stone. However, it gives your kitchen a warm look. Interestingly, it is available in green and gray, but the color gets darker as the stone ages. In addition, it possesses a non-porous property, meaning it does not absorb any liquids. So, you do not have any trouble with oil spills.

However, the soft nature makes it prone to chipping and scratching. It is easy to re-polish if you find the scratches show too much. Soapstone for countertops is a popular choice for rustic kitchens. However, it is priced higher than other natural stones.

6. Limestone

Limestone is a unique stone, though it is less popular than Granite because of its highly porous nature. Therefore, it needs extra care, and you need to put a lamination layer to prevent the liquids from setting in limestone.

It gives an aquatic look to your kitchen, but you need to sell it every year because it is not resistant to acidic ingredients. However, you can use them in a modern, rustic, or traditional kitchen, and the countertop will easily mix with the overall design.

Since it is not very durable for the kitchen, you can use it in a less traffic area like the living room showcase area. But, on the other hand, it is a very pretty stone and gives out calming vibes but needs extreme care. Thus, it also needs a lot of money for regular maintenance.

7. Gemstone

Gemstone is a pretty stone fit for ultra-modern kitchens and mansions. Unfortunately, it is among the most expensive natural stones for countertops. Yet, people pick it for countertops in their kitchens and living areas because of the pleasing, elegant, yet classic look it gives out.

It is both durable and hard. It possesses a non-porous property and is stain resistant. Gemstone is easy to clean as compared to other stones.


Countertops are mostly placed in kitchens; however, you can place them anywhere in the house. The decision of which natural stone you want to use for countertops is directly impacted by where you want to place it.

Natural stone kitchen countertops are becoming popular, given the unique look to the kitchen. We hope the above guide makes it easier for you to pick your desired stone for countertops.

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