Here’s Why Offering Promotional Products Is Good Business

Promotional products: remain very effective, with 83 percent of consumers reacting favorably to them. Perhaps even more importantly, so is everyone who

The upfront cost of promotional products can seem high when compared to online or print advertising — are they really worth it? Yes, they are. Promotional products remain very effective, with 83 percent of consumers reacting favorably to them.

When you factor in the longevity of this particular form of advertising, and the high impact it can have on consumers, you’ll find that promotional products have the lowest cost-per-impression of any other form of advertising. People still really like promotional products, and they often keep them for a year or longer before passing them on to someone else. When you invest in promotional products, you’re buying advertising that will remain viable for much longer than most traditional forms of advertising.

Encourage Customer Loyalty

Promotional products are the best form of advertising because they foster a personal relationship between you and your customers. Unlike most traditional forms of advertising, promotional products offer customers the reward of a free, useful item in return for advertising your business.

People really appreciate promotional products, with USB drives, outerwear, drinkware, pens, and performance wear being the most popular items. Research has shown that promotional items — like engraved pens and office supplies, mugs, clothing, and totes — really do get used every day. If you want your customers to think of you favorably and be more willing to do business with you in the future, give them a free promotional gift.

Spread Brand Awareness

Much of the value of promotional products lies in their long lifespan. People keep promotional items for an average of about seven months, and more than half will pass theirs on to someone else when they’re done with it. Every time your customer uses that branded coffee mug or engraved pen, or carries that promotional tote, they’re seeing your brand message and thinking of your brand. Perhaps even more importantly, so is everyone who sees your customer using it.

Promotional products remain very effective, with 83 percent of consumers reacting favorably to them. Perhaps even more importantly, so is everyone who


High-visibility items, like caps, T-shirts, tote bags, and outerwear, generate tens of thousands of impressions per month for companies around the U.S. These items get your brand messaging in front of the eyes of everyone who encounters your customer on the street or in the shops while they’re wearing or carrying your promotional item. Even lower-visibility items, like mugs and USB sticks, get the message out to others in your customers’ homes, neighborhoods, or workplaces. Each item you give away represents a stone tossed in the pool of brand awareness, ready to send out ripples that will touch your whole community.



Save Money

You can’t save too much money, right? At a cost of just one-tenth of a cent per impression, promotional products are probably the cheapest advertising option available. Remember, customers will keep and use these items and then they’ll pass them on to others, whether they give them to friends or relatives or donate them to charity (where they’ll sit on a thrift store shelf, spreading your message to all the shoppers). While it might seem to cost more upfront than traditional advertising, an investment in promotional products is an investment in a long-lasting branding message that will help you get more out of your marketing budget as the months pass.

Generate Leads and Sales

The whole point of advertising is to generate more leads and sales, boosting revenues and growing business. The goodwill promotional products generate make them a powerful tool for generating more leads and sales. Eighty-three percent of customers say they’re more likely to do business with a company after they receive a promotional product from them. You can give them out at trade events, use them to incentivize referrals, and give them to clients during a sales pitch.

Most people are not just open to receiving free gifts, but actually enjoy it, especially if it’s a useful item made with quality materials. Appeal to customers with products that are made in the USA, and choose items made with sustainable materials or those that support sustainable lifestyle choices, like reusable shopping bags and drinkware.

Promotional products are one of the most valuable tools you can use to drum up more business. Customers love them, and they’re willing to repay your generosity with more business. Get your own promotional products printed up now, and discover what you and your customers have been missing.

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