Prominent and Hidden Features of Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers

Fitness trackers are the new trend in healthcare if you are the one thinking to buy the fitness tracker or already have it but searching to know the hidden and most prominent features of the tracker then you are at right place. Fitness trackers can help you in several ways; it keeps track of your body changes and provides you the best report. So, you can quickly get to know where and how much you need improvements.

The working pattern of a fitness tracker is great, and it tells you how many steps you are taking in a day, how many calories you are burning with time, and how far you run. Moreover, it can help you to make the required changes in your sleeping time by telling you how you are taking sleep at night. Remember one thing the numbers these trackers provide maybe a little different accuracy; only a doctor can give you a detailed report of your health. But if you are already experienced and know about healthcare and working on some improvement plan in a gym, then it is a bonus for you.

Still, they are the perfect motivational tool. They can encourage you to achieve your health goal. The tracker shows you the real-time progress you can set competition with friends. They are the same as other exercise equipment, just helping you differently. However, to get more benefits from the fitness tracker, you must know the features that will help you change your bad habits.

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When it comes to the features, check out the battery life, and more essential is the operating system, it must be easy to use. If it is complicated to understand, then it may cause a delay in your progress. Let’s have a look at the features.

1. |Monitor-Heart-Rate|

This is the more loving feature of a tracker. It provides you the rate of your heart. There are different types of heart rate trackers, but some people do not need this feature, more it increases the tracker price.

The heart rate monitors built into the device itself are called optical monitors. Many good trackers do not offer this feature, but they can pair it with the chest strap.

2. |Sleep-Tracking|

Another best feature of a fitness tracker is to keep track of your sleep. It is perfect if you are more interested to know about your sleep pattern. They generally use a “Three-axis-accelerometer” to the most sensitive degree at night than trackers do during the day time. Several devices report a graph showing your sleep record when you were in deep sleep or light sleep. It all based on motion.

You may find some trackers in the market that can attach to your mattress and track your sleep, but the result of the wrist tracker is more appropriate. Wearable trackers are the most excellent; they have a lot of other features except tracking your rest.

3. |Water-Proof|

Most of the trackers come with a waterproof feature. This feature is beneficial for the swimmers, it has the ability for stroke detection, and it measures lap and distance, but make waterproof tracker must have widescreen so you will be able to see in the water.

4. |Message-Notification|

As far as fitness trackers monitor your health but it also gives you an opportunity with some extra unable features. Message notification is a feature that allows you to check your messages while working out or randomly without your phone.

5. |Call-Alerts|

An additional feature of call alert in a fitness tracker is also popular among the users. You might have an emergency call or some other call, so you can use this feature to monitor calls as well as your health. Indeed both benefits together.

6. |Mutiple-Modes|

It is a common mistake that most people make, they think fitness trackers are only for health or have just one mode, but actually, some people do not know well about fitness trackers. It offers multiple methods for multiple tasks. You can complete your fitness goals in different ways by just changing the mode. You should read the manual if you have this feature already or check it if you are planning to buy one.

7. |GPS-Feature|

If you want to know the location of your loved ones or want to use the map, then check the GPS feature in your fitness tracker. A lot of fitness tracker companies have introduced this golden feature for their users as its digital world and map is a necessity. A fitness tracker can do a lot of tasks with its exceptional features. Many of them are hidden but read all features list before you get it.

8. |Camera-Trigger|

You will find some fitness trackers with extraordinary features of camera control. It’s hard to believe that a fitness tracker can be used for such things, but its a fact. This camera feature will let you control your photos while taking selfies. You just need to enable this feature to use it with your camera. Capture a selfie while working out or anytime with the help of a fitness tracker camera trigger.


Trackers can be utilized in several ways, as they have some prominent features but as well as hidden. Both features are mentioned above; the fitness trackers are the new way to explore things. You can change your lifestyle with these trackers, keep an eye on your health, and take the necessary precautions to make it better. Whether you are swimmer, runner, cyclist, or a health freak in all cases, the only thing that can be perfect is fitness trackers. It is essential to know that all the fitness trackers may not have above-listed features at once. They come with wireless and USB charging. If a tracker has most of these features, including heart rate optimization, steps count, sleep miniaturization, and a waterproof, then it may increase the cost. Always lookup for the features that you need the most. This is how you will see a decrease in the price of the fitness tracker. It needs a little research for what is required before buying—the only way to get a perfect fitness tracker that fits your fitness needs and other requirements.

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