How Artificial Intelligence Has Transformed Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic over the past few years. While the idea of AI has been around for quite a while, only recently has the concept really come alive. In this short amount of time, AI has made a big splash.

Artificial Intelligence

Here’s how artificial intelligence has transformed business.

More Automated Tasks

Automation is one of the most intriguing and widely adopted uses for artificial intelligence. The more processes are done autonomously, the lower the chance for human error. Efficiency is increased as well.

Both are beneficial to the operation of a business.

There are several areas where AI has made an impact in automation. Logistics and warehouse workflows have been massively impacted by the power of AI. Amazon is, for obvious reasons, one of the leaders in AI-powered robotics for the warehouse. They have a massive army of over 200,000 robots working in their warehouses, which completely changed the face of the industry.

But warehouses and factories aren’t the only places where you’ll find AI automation. Many accounting and human resources tasks can be done programmatically. Shifting human capital away from these kinds of jobs is one of the biggest impacts of AI.

Chatbots Have Become Far Better

In the past, talking to chatbots was a frustrating or hilarious act depending on the circumstances. Today, however, chatbots have become so effective, they’re widely used in the business world.

There are many uses for chatbot technology. Chatbots are particularly useful for keeping certain customer service roles staffed at all hours. Through natural language processing, chatbots are able to communicate with users and solve their basic issues.

Another benefit to chatbots is customer service can be provided in a much broader array of languages. Because you can program a chatbot to communicate in more than one language, it’s possible to service a far larger group of customers.

Overall, there are many interactions that simply don’t require a human to be on both ends. In these situations, introducing a chatbot both lowers the likelihood of human error while also mitigating costs. This win-win for companies is a huge reason chatbots have grown in popularity.

Improved Data Analytics Tools

You can’t talk about how artificial intelligence has changed business without mentioning data analytics. The introduction of artificial intelligence software in data analytics has revolutionized what’s possible in this realm. There are a few ways AI has already made a huge impact on business intelligence and analytics technology:

  • Synthesizing data becomes faster and easier – Thanks to analytics powered by AI, it’s never been more simple to combine separate data sets. Even if data is held in multiple locations, AI can know when information needs to be pulled from each location to provide accurate results.
  • Patterns invisible to humans are identifiable to AI – Even the best data scientists are going to miss trends from time to time. This, however, is much less likely to happen with AI-enabled analytics software. Artificial intelligence can be specifically programmed to identify big-picture movements.
  • Analysis can be done faster and with greater accuracy – ad hoc analytics is one of the big benefits to adopting AI-driven software. With this, even users without high-level data knowledge can get immediate insights through search-driven queries. This puts the power of data into the hands of far more individuals within an enterprise. It can also allow data experts to focus on more complex issues, while those who need the answer can solve the more basic problems.

Organizations looking for AI-powered data analytics software should consider the benefits of ThoughtSpot. With artificial intelligence helping to guide decisions, all of the aforementioned benefits, and more, become possible. 

New Doors Are Opened by AI

Artificial intelligence is exciting for several reasons. But one major point to AI is the fact it’s empowering the creation and expansion of new technologies and business practices. It’s no exaggeration to say AI is fueling entire new industries.

The importance of AI in logistics and analytics is already clear. There are, however, so many more places where AI is leaving a huge footprint on progress. Think about autonomous vehicles. This remarkable technology wouldn’t be possible if not for machines thinking and acting on their own.

As AI becomes more powerful, there will only be more use cases for it. Even though artificial intelligence has already changed the business world forever, more benefits are certain to come from the technology.

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