How Better Remote Sales Can Lead To Improved Customer Success

The world is moving towards embracing remote work; the COVID-19 pandemic has especially enhanced this. Many companies have shut down some of their brick-and-mortar operations and encouraged their employees to work from home. Now, most businesses are dedicating more resources to remote work to remain afloat in the shifting economic times.

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Sales operations have not been left behind. More businesses are now embracing remote sales. Companies are now following various strategies to provide the best services to their customers remotely. Companies like Winning By Design are also offering remarkable tools to equip you with skills to succeed at remote sales.

Did you know that better remote sales can enhance customer success for your business? Here’s how:

1. Increased Efficiency

Face-to-face sales are sometimes inefficient. Imagine traveling across states to attend a business meeting or pitch your services to a client only for an unforeseen event to inconvenience your planned activities. Also, face-to-face salespersons barely use tech-based solutions to automate most of their functions. This isn’t always great for customer retention.

With remote sales, however, tools and various software-based solutions automate and streamline most of your functions. For example, with CRM software, you can manage multiple clients even when you have multiple deals. Various solutions also allow your customers to send queries or messages to your team and get a reply right away. Nothing pleases a customer more than having their problems solved right away.

Also, think about all the time employees can save. Because you are now required to travel to attend meetings in coffee houses and boardrooms, you have a lot of time on your hands. You can now channel this time to focus on other productive tasks, such as customer service.

2. Employee Productivity

Working in an office can sometimes negatively affect employees’ productivity. Imagine having a manager who micro-manages all your activities around the office—this is not great for productivity. Most employees nowadays want to choose their working hours and where to work from.
Equipped with the right tools, remote sales teams perform exceptionally well. You will notice a spike in their productivity if you make them understand that their contribution to the business is vital to the brand’s growth. Employees who are empowered in this manner don’t feel like ordinary employees, and tend to become more emotionally invested in the business.

3. Centralized Means Of Communication

Field-based sales come with various disadvantages. As the sales head or manager, you can’t be able to tell how the conversation between your rep and customer flows. You can’t tell a customer’s specific problem and recommend solutions suitable for them.

One of the greatest advantages of remote sales is that you can access the communication between a client and a sales rep. This allows you to tell what a customer’s problems are and how you can help them solve them.

This is especially meaningful for customer success because communication doesn’t end once they’ve purchased from you. You can build a great relationship by continuously providing support, even when they encounter maintenance issues.
It also makes it easier for you to contact your customers and for them to contact you because the history of communication also provides contact information. This makes it easier to cross-sell.

4. Fewer Expenses

The initial cost for implementing tools and software for your remote sales might seem high. However, this is insignificant when you compare this with the revenue your business gains.

Think of the expenses you avoid once you switch to remote sales. These include rent, food, fuel, and commute allowances for employees who travel for meetings away. The cost associated with setting up tools and applications for your team to work remotely has a high ROI.
Same as having more time on your hands, you can now save more money and channel it to customer service.

5. Customer Reviews And References

Once you decide to switch to remote sales, most of your operations will be online. You should enable your customers to leave a review on your platforms once you’ve served them. This can help generate more leads and prospects for you. Your customers will be attached to your business because they feel they’ve emotionally invested in it.

You will not only have more customers, but they’ll also be more loyal to your business because your services and products are tried and tested.

Key Takeaways

Remote sales are becoming more popular as the world embraces remote working. Many companies are offering their employees work-from-home incentives to enhance their productivity. Better remote sales can help your business boost customer success by offering centralized means of communication, cutting down costs, and enhancing efficiency.

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