How Can Pen Name Change Your Life?


Pen names or pseudonyms have been around for a long time now. People who use a pen name try to make it catchy and memorable according to what suits their genre. It has been observed that writers with pen names have often changed their nationalities and even genders. They do it because of the requirement of their genre or due to the story they have to share. For example, if you are a woman, but you have a story to break that requires you to be a man to make it sound convincing, then you can be John Doe to tell your story.

One of the most frequently asked questions by young writers is whether choosing a pen name is legal or not. The answer is yes, it is completely legal. In fact, it is a wise business choice if you want to leave a mark on your readers. Many successful and famous writers in history used to write under pen names. For example, George Eliot was actually a woman – Mary Ann Evans. Similarly, most of us have heard of George Orwell, but nobody has heard of Eric Blair.

The point is that a pen name can turn your life around. It helps you to bring your inner thoughts out so that you can channel them through your pen. Here are some of the reasons how a pen name has the potential to change your life completely.

You Escape the Life-or-Death Reasons

Freedom of speech and liberty to write freely on sensitive socio-political issues can cost you your life even in 2020. Many oppressive regimes don’t allow freedom of expression. Similarly, if you have some dangerous things to say about influential people, it can also put you on the radar. A pen name, however, helps you to avoid any such situation.

You Get to Keep Your Privacy and Fame at the Same Time

With fame comes the sacrifice of your private life. As charming as being famous sounds, you still need your personal space to have your peace of mind. It is especially crucial if you are prone to write about controversial issues. Such writings always keep you in the highlight, and it can disturb your private life. Therefore, a pen name is critical as it helps you to keep your personal and professional life apart.

You Can Write Whatever You Want and Still Keep Your Job

There are specific rules and regulations that you have to follow when you are doing certain kinds of jobs. For example, if you are working for the government, you are bound not to spill any beans about what is happening inside or else you’ll lose your job. However, there are some things that you want to tell the world for the greater good or to clear your own consciousness. A pen name is a perfect solution to get you out of any such moral dilemma where either you have to do the right thing and speak up about what is wrong or keep your job by turning a blind eye.

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