How Do I Reduce Sound In Office?

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An open-office as a workplace with many employees and the enthusiastic colleagues brimming sounds makes it an invigorating and positive place. But, there are many who strictly disagree as they find the open-office noise to be interfering making them less productive. In such situations, it is a must to know how to reduce sound in an office so that your employees are more productive and happier.

Tips To Reduce Sound

Noise distractions are the key drains resulting in lesser productivity in an open office.  Reducing office noise is possible and it does not mean to build huge walls and have a partitioned office.

There are furniture solutions that resolve the noise issue to a great extent. The sound can be reduced by creating a semi-private lounge grouping. This also cuts the hard walls building cost.

If you prefer working alone, choose a thick polyester fleece of the old-fashioned study.  It may be your grandparent’s chair used as salon chair, but right now it will give you the privacy you expect in association with a retro look. The design is old but reduces audible and visual distractions. There is an advantage that it features LED lighting and allows hosting of mobile devices. To get more tips about sound reducing or soundproofing you may visit

Noise Friendly Flooring

A work setting may create heavy noise pollution when there are hard flooring surfaces such as porcelain, natural wood, and ceramic. Ideal flooring is the carpet that helps in noise reduction. A versatile alternative is vinyl flooring and the ease of maintenance with design options. There is the biggest advantage of vinyl flooring as it reduces noise. Besides, it offers ease of maintenance. Vinyl flooring has the right amount of rubber as underlayment providing additional impact values proving to reduce noise. There is cushioned vinyl flooring ensuring sound absorption. They specialize in offering sound reduction qualities and are easy to install.

Background Noise

This is also a noise reduction strategy that is proven in office open space where there is noise. Having a background noise controlled may seem counterintuitive, but when it is being played in the background, it proves to mask the unnecessary sounds. This background noise can be maintained at a consistent level such as waves crashing and rainfall.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Redesigning an office to reduce sound can be done by buying noise-canceling headphones of high-quality. There are quality brands boasting of noise reduction to 100%. This is done as special processing and microphones that create a sound wave in the opposite direction than one for your eardrum.

Sound Friendly Furniture

Lounge chairs, couches, filing cabinets, and wall partitions have an impact in an office space on the acoustics. This is particularly observed in enclosed booths or high backed couches. This separates an individual from the other things in the room.

Add plants

Plants well-placed prove to be effective in-office setting as it helps to reduce noise. Having larger plants means, the impact is bigger. The aesthetic benefits cannot be ignored and there is an overall impact on the air quality. It is ideal for sound reduction and there is popularity increasing in commercial designs.

Try new and modern ways

A new way of reducing sound in the office is possible if you get creative with the office layout.  You can place the desks together in clusters. This compartmentalizes the noise, but before considering to place them together, eliminate the furniture that makes a sound. Also place noisier office pieces of equipments such as fax machine, printer or copy machine in a separate room.

Improve Insulation

It is costly and time-consuming, but installing a sound insulation material helps in reducing sound in the office. This is an effective strategy that helps in noise reduction. It makes sense as it is of immense help during some office renovation work going on.

Acoustic Wall Panels

Wall panels that are sound absorbing are effective in fighting with noise pollution in office.  The wall panels mostly are not aesthetically pleasing, but you can find modern designs to make it look appealing and serve the purpose of reducing sound in the office.

Wall Partitions/Cubicles

Wall partitions or cubicles are tried solutions and have proved to reduce sound overall in the offices. It also separates employees. Even the wall-partitions in low-levels are effective. The cubicle choices now have contemporary designs to choose as per preference.

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