How Does Online Bingo Work & What Variations Can I Play?

Heading online in the evening is now second nature and part of billions of daily lifestyles to kick back and relax after a long day at work. As well as many other popular online based forms of entertainment including options to download Korean dramas and staying up to date with the latest football news, many online users head to casinos for a flutter. But an option which has always stood its ground is bingo.

Where to play bingo online

With the global pandemic forcing the hands of all social environments to close for extended periods of time, it is easy to see why so many players have transferred the regular game sessions to online bingo platforms.

Online Bingo

Following a simple search online via your go to search engine, there will be hundreds of results pointing you toward online bingo platforms, so the choice is really up to you. However, we urge you to read the tips below this to make sure you choose the right bingo sire for your style of play!

With a good deal of reputable bingo brands now online, it is easier than ever to join up to play bingo daily. Not all sites are of the more well-known household names but there are still a great range of sites which offer the same standard of games with fewer players.

Researching Bingo

When you look for a bingo site, research is key to finding one that gives you the right set of bingo games. Some websites have bingo games from a variety of software providers/online bingo game developers such as Dragonfish or Pragmatic Play, while some stick to just one brand. Now if you want diversity, then the best bingo site for you is one that has games from multiple providers. You should also read reviews and look for websites offering Bingo online with a license. For example, all UK Bingo sites must have a UK Gambling Commission license.

Therefore, before choosing your Bingo site, make sure you find a Bingo community offering real play reviews/comments and expert reviews that break down the online Bingo site and brand!

Keeping up with the game

Unlike bingo games in the flesh with a real-life caller in a designated environment, numbers being called on a bingo website are marked off automatically by the computer system behind the scenes.

As the number is called a dab or other icon will appear over the relative number and if you are lucky enough to win on a game, the system will instantly recognise your winning combination and an alert will come on screen saying congratulations, or something along those lines.

The same applies if you have multiple tickets. On many bingo sites, as gameplay continues the tickets you have purchased will change order, putting the tickets closest to winning at the top so you can watch as your numbers go dwindle down.

Types of bingo available

Depending on the individual website, gameplay will differ in appearance with a vibrant range of themes and side games designed to keep players enthralled in the game throughout their gaming session.

On most bingo sites you can expect to find 90, 80 and 75 ball games, and in some cases there’s even 30 ball games. The same concept is generally used across the board in standard bingo halls or rooms, with players aiming to get a line, two lines or a full house in order to win a prize. You can also find an explanation of the different Bingo variants here.

Are the sites fair?

The legitimate ones are, yes. In order to gain the proper certification to continue trading, companies must pass specific requirements and use a random number generator in order to pick the numbers being called. There are some fishy websites online which may be rigged, so always be cautious and use reputable websites which have good feedback and correct licensing. For example, brands licensed by the UKGC or MGA licenses are very safe online bingo sites.

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