How Does Wowcher Work? Useful Guide for First-Time Shoppers

How Does Wowcher Work? Read this guide. Wowcher, an online platform that offers daily deals and discounts, has gained immense popularity among bargain hunters and savvy shoppers.

Wowcher provides online deals, vouchers of up to 80% off every shopping made through their website, making it attractive to shoppers who shop online frequently.

In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of Wowcher’s operation, uncovering the inner workings of this innovative platform.

By understanding how Wowcher works, you can make the most of its offerings and unlock incredible savings.

Understanding Wowcher:

Before diving into the mechanics of Wowcher, it’s essential to grasp the concept of daily deal websites. These platforms collaborate with merchants to curate exclusive deals on a wide range of products, services, experiences, and more.

Wowcher stands out among its peers by providing an extensive selection of deals, catering to various interests and preferences.

Sign-up and Account Creation:

To embark on your Wowcher journey, you need to create an account. This process is simple and straightforward.

Head to the Wowcher website or download the app, where you’ll find a user-friendly registration form. Fill in the required information, including your name, email address, and password.

Once your account is created, you can begin the Wowcher login here to personalize it further by adding your preferences and opting to receive customized deal recommendations.

Browsing and Exploring Deals:

wowcher mystery holiday

wowcher mystery holiday

Wowcher offers a vast array of deals across multiple categories, making it crucial to navigate the platform effectively.

The website and app feature intuitive menus and search functionalities, allowing you to explore deals effortlessly. You can browse through categories like travel, local deals, goods, health and beauty, dining, events, and more.

Refining your search is made easy with the help of filters, enabling you to find deals tailored to your location, price range, and specific interests.

Deal Details and Descriptions:

When you stumble upon an enticing deal on Wowcher, it’s essential to examine its details and descriptions thoroughly. Each deal page provides comprehensive information about the offer, including its highlights, available options, and pricing details.

Pay close attention to the terms and conditions associated with the deal, such as booking requirements, redemption instructions, and any restrictions or limitations. Additionally, reading customer reviews and ratings can provide valuable insights into the quality and value of the deal.

Purchasing a Wowcher Deal:

  1. Once you’ve found a deal that captures your interest, adding it to your basket is the next step.
  2. Click on the “Buy” or “Add to Basket” button on the deal page, and the item will be added to your shopping cart.
  3. Some deals may require the application of a voucher code during the checkout process, so keep an eye out for any provided codes.
  4. Proceed with the payment process, which typically involves entering your billing information and selecting a payment method.

Wowcher accepts various payment options, including credit and debit cards, PayPal, and sometimes even Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Vouchers and Redemption:

how does wowcher work

how does wowcher work

After completing your purchase, Wowcher will provide you with a voucher that serves as proof of your deal. This voucher is typically accessible through your Wowcher account and can be printed or saved digitally. The voucher contains crucial information such as the deal details, merchant contact information, and validity dates.

When you’re ready to redeem the deal, follow the instructions provided on the voucher. It’s important to note that each deal may have specific redemption requirements, so ensure you comply with them to enjoy a seamless experience.

Using Wowcher on Mobile Devices:

Wowcher recognizes the growing importance of mobile devices in our daily lives. To cater to mobile users, Wowcher offers a dedicated app that can be downloaded and installed on smartphones and tablets.

The app provides a user-friendly interface optimized for mobile usage, enabling you to browse, purchase, and redeem deals on the go. With the app at your fingertips, you’ll never miss out on an exciting offer.

Refunds, Returns, and Customer Support:

In the rare event that you encounter an issue with your Wowcher purchase, the platform offers support and assistance. Wowcher has policies in place regarding refunds and returns, ensuring that you have recourse if a deal doesn’t meet your expectations or if circumstances change.

wowcher customer service

wowcher customer service

To address any concerns or inquiries, you can reach out to Wowcher’s customer support team (contact wowcher UK) through various channels, such as a contact form or postal address.

Wowcher’s Referral Program:

Wowcher values its customers and rewards them for spreading the word. The platform has a referral program that incentivizes you to refer friends and family.

By referring others to Wowcher, you can earn credits, vouchers, or other exciting rewards. Sharing the benefits of Wowcher not only enhances your own savings but also helps your loved ones discover fantastic deals.

Wowcher+ Membership:

For those seeking additional perks and exclusive benefits, Wowcher offers a membership program called Wowcher+. Subscribing to Wowcher+ opens doors to enhanced savings, early access to deals, and exclusive discounts.

The membership fee is often reasonable, considering the potential savings and advantages it provides. Wowcher+ is a valuable investment for frequent users and those who want to take their Wowcher experience to the next level.

Wowcher’s Travel Deals:

One of Wowcher’s notable offerings is its travel section, where you can find incredible deals on vacations, getaways, and holiday experiences.

Whether you’re dreaming of a relaxing beach retreat or an adventurous city break, Wowcher presents a variety of travel options to suit different tastes and budgets. Exploring this section can be your gateway to unforgettable journeys at unbeatable prices.

Wowcher’s Local Deals:

Supporting local businesses is important, and Wowcher provides a platform that benefits both consumers and merchants.

Wowcher’s local deals section allows you to discover offers from nearby businesses, ranging from restaurants and spas to fitness classes and home services. Embracing these local deals not only helps you save money but also contributes to the growth and sustainability of your community.

Wowcher Experiences and Activities:

Wowcher takes pride in curating unique experiences that go beyond the ordinary. From exhilarating outdoor activities to fascinating workshops and classes, Wowcher’s experiences and activities section offers an array of opportunities to explore new interests and passions.

Delve into this section, and you may uncover an experience that allows you to unleash your creativity or indulge in a thrilling adventure.

Wowcher’s Goods and Shopping Deals:

In addition to services and experiences, Wowcher also features a selection of goods and shopping deals. You can find discounted products across various categories, including electronics, fashion, home decor, and more.

Wowcher collaborates with trusted merchants to bring you high-quality items at attractive prices. Exploring this section may lead you to exceptional deals on items you’ve been eyeing.

Wowcher’s Health and Beauty Deals:

Pampering yourself and prioritizing your well-being becomes easier with Wowcher’s health and beauty deals. This section presents an assortment of discounted services, such as spa treatments, massages, haircuts, and fitness classes.

Wowcher enables you to save on self-care while accessing reputable establishments that offer exceptional experiences. Embrace these deals and enhance your physical and mental well-being without breaking the bank.

Wowcher’s Dining and Restaurant Deals:

For food enthusiasts and those who enjoy dining out, Wowcher’s dining and restaurant deals are a treasure trove of culinary experiences.

Whether you’re seeking discounts at your favorite local restaurant or looking to explore new dining establishments, Wowcher’s dining deals offer a wide range of options. Treat yourself to exquisite meals, wine tastings, or themed dining experiences while enjoying significant savings.

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Wowcher’s Events and Shows:

Wowcher’s events and shows section caters to culture enthusiasts and entertainment seekers. You can discover discounted tickets for concerts, theater performances, sporting events, and other live shows.

Whether you’re a music lover, a theater aficionado, or a sports fan, Wowcher enables you to access tickets to your preferred events at reduced prices. Immerse yourself in unforgettable entertainment experiences without straining your budget.

Wowcher’s Auto and Home Deals:

Wowcher understands the importance of maintaining your car and creating a comfortable living environment. In the auto and home deals section, you’ll find offers on car services, repairs, home improvement products, and more.

Take advantage of these deals to save on essential maintenance tasks or upgrade your home with stylish and functional items. Wowcher’s auto and home deals ensure that you can keep your car running smoothly and transform your living space affordably.


Wowcher has revolutionized the way we discover and enjoy deals. By familiarizing yourself with the inner workings of Wowcher, you can navigate the platform with confidence and maximize your savings. From signing up and exploring deals to purchasing and redeeming Wowcher discount codes, each step in the Wowcher process contributes to an enriching and rewarding shopping experience. Embrace Wowcher’s offerings and embark on a journey of incredible savings and exciting discoveries.

FAQs: How Does Wowcher Work

Wowcher is a UK-based online marketplace that offers discounted deals on a wide range of products, services, and experiences. Here's how Wowcher typically works:
  1. Deal Selection: Wowcher features a variety of deals on its website and mobile app, covering categories such as travel, beauty, dining, electronics, home goods, and more. Users can browse through the available deals and select the ones they're interested in.
  2. Purchase: Once a user finds a deal they want to purchase, they can click on it to view more details, including the discount percentage, price, and terms and conditions. If they decide to proceed, they can add the deal to their cart and proceed to checkout.
  3. Voucher Redemption: After completing the purchase, Wowcher provides a voucher or coupon that serves as proof of payment and entitles the user to redeem the deal they bought. The voucher can typically be accessed through the user's Wowcher account or via email.
  4. Redemption Process: Each deal has specific instructions on how to redeem it. This may involve contacting the merchant directly to book an appointment or reservation, quoting the voucher code provided, or following other specific instructions outlined in the deal's terms and conditions.
  5. Enjoying the Deal: Once the voucher is redeemed, users can enjoy the product, service, or experience they purchased at a discounted price. It could be a spa day, a restaurant meal, a travel package, a product delivery, or any other deal they selected.
  6. Expiration and Refunds: It's important to note that Wowcher deals have expiration dates. Users need to use their vouchers within the specified time frame to avail of the discount. If a deal is not used before the expiration date, it typically loses its value. Refunds for unused vouchers are generally only available within a specific time period and subject to Wowcher's refund policy.
It's worth mentioning that Wowcher operates as an intermediary between users and merchants. While Wowcher ensures that the deals on its platform are legitimate, the actual fulfillment of the deal and the quality of the product or service lie with the respective merchant. If any issues arise, users are encouraged to contact Wowcher's customer support for assistance. Remember to review the terms and conditions, restrictions, and validity period of each deal before making a purchase to ensure it aligns with your preferences and requirements.
Yes, Wowcher is a legitimate company. It is a well-known online marketplace in the United Kingdom that offers discounted deals on a wide range of products, services, and experiences. Wowcher has been operating since 2011 and has gained a significant customer base over the years.
To make a purchase on Wowcher, you can follow these steps:
  1. Visit the Wowcher Website: Start by visiting the Wowcher website at Alternatively, you can use the Wowcher mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices.
  2. Browse Deals: Browse through the available deals by exploring different categories or using the search bar to find specific products, services, or experiences. You can also check out the featured deals or promotions on the homepage.
  3. Select a Deal: When you find a deal that interests you, click on it to view more details. Read the deal description, terms and conditions, expiration date, and any other relevant information provided. Make sure the deal suits your needs and preferences.
  4. Add to Cart: If you decide to proceed with the purchase, click the "Buy" or "Add to Cart" button on the deal page. Some deals may have additional options or variations to choose from, such as different package options or quantities. Select the desired options and quantities, and then click "Add to Cart."
  5. Review Your Cart: Once you have added a deal to your cart, you will be taken to the cart page. Here, you can review the items you have added, quantities, and total cost. You may also have the option to add any applicable promotional codes or vouchers.
  6. Proceed to Checkout: If everything in your cart looks correct, click the "Checkout" or "Proceed to Checkout" button to proceed with the purchase.
  7. Sign In or Create an Account: You will be prompted to sign in to your existing Wowcher account or create a new one. Having an account helps you keep track of your purchases, vouchers, and other account details.
  8. Enter Billing and Delivery Information: Provide the necessary billing and delivery information, including your name, email address, phone number, and delivery address. Ensure that the information is accurate and up to date.
  9. Choose Payment Method: Select your preferred payment method from the available options, such as credit/debit card, PayPal, or other payment gateways supported by Wowcher.
  10. Complete the Purchase: Enter the required payment details and follow the prompts to complete the purchase. Review your order summary and ensure that all the details are accurate before finalizing the transaction.
  11. Receive Voucher: After the purchase is successful, you will receive a confirmation email with your voucher or coupon attached. You can also access your vouchers through your Wowcher account on the website or app.
The delivery time for Wowcher deals can vary depending on the type of product or service you have purchased. Wowcher offers a wide range of deals, including physical products, e-vouchers, and experiences. Here are some general guidelines:
  1. Physical Products: If you have purchased a physical product, such as electronics, home goods, or fashion items, the delivery time will depend on the specific deal and the merchant's shipping policies. The estimated delivery time is usually mentioned in the deal's terms and conditions. It can range from a few days to a few weeks, depending on factors such as the location of the merchant and the shipping method used. It's important to review the estimated delivery time before making a purchase.
  2. E-vouchers and Digital Products: For e-vouchers and digital products, such as online courses or software licenses, the delivery is typically instant or near-instant. Once your purchase is confirmed, you should receive the e-voucher or instructions to access the digital product through your Wowcher account or via email. In most cases, you can access and redeem these deals right away.
  3. Experiences and Services: If you have purchased an experience or a service, such as a spa day, restaurant meal, or travel package, the delivery time will depend on the availability and scheduling of the experience. You will typically receive instructions on how to book or redeem the experience in the voucher or confirmation email. It's important to carefully read the instructions and follow any booking procedures or reservation requirements mentioned. The actual delivery or provision of the experience will happen on the date or dates specified in the deal.
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