How Gamers Are Raising Money For Charity

How Gamers Are Raising Money For Charity

Gaming is one of the most popular hobbies on the planet. There are lots of people aspiring to be professionals in e-sports leagues. Some are looking to enjoy various titles in their free time. They can go for online games such as Roblox and the multiple ways they can play it, World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike, Fortnite, or many other titles.

Aside from gaming for pleasure, gamers can enjoy all sorts of titles with a purpose. In other words, they can play games to raise money. Gaming and fundraising are a winning combination, considering the large audiences that come with gaming.

There are lots of people that need help. Fundraisers are events that aim to help them, and some of them are associated with gaming. Considering the current demographic, gaming is one of the ideal ways to raise money for a good cause.

Gaming Marathons for a Cause

Gaming marathons are quite a popular pastime for gamers. It’s a process that includes playing their favorite games for hours. Some stream their gaming sessions on Twitch and YouTube, and the audience is asked to donate money to their chosen charity organizations.

One example of a marathon charity gaming event is Extra Life. During this event, gamers play a title they choose for 24 hours straight. The audience can donate money to the streamer, but they’re encouraged to present it to children’s hospitals instead.

Gaming streams always attract considerable attention, meaning each gaming fundraiser is successful. Aside from these sorts of fundraising events, gamers raise money for charity in other ways. There are different types of enjoying games, hence different types of streams.

In-Game Fundraising

Games today feature a variety of items players can earn. Gamers and development companies can introduce special events or items players can purchase to raise money for charity. In-game fundraising is a popular way of raising money because players get a new item they can use online and help someone in need.

One of the best examples of in-game fundraising is the Pink Mercy campaign in Overwatch. A unique skin was available for the event; anyone playing the game could buy it. The money from the store made it to the Breast Cancer Foundation. The event managed to raise over $12.7 million for the foundation, considering the large audience of the event.

There are tons of examples of using gaming as a means of raising money. Some online casinos might consider a charity event with a limited offer like the one mentioned. Regular casinos and 10-dollar minimum deposit casino sites might offer these events. Alternatively, they can prompt their players to donate some of their winnings to charity. Some physical casino venues have been known to host such events, with the winnings donated to various charitable organizations.

Charity Speedrunning Events

Speedrunning is another exciting way to play video games. As the name suggests, this way of enjoying the game involved speed. In other words, it’s a challenge to finish the game as quickly as possible. Certain games, like Resident Evil, reward you with gear you can use in the game.

Games Done Quick is one of the charity gaming events that gets a lot of attention. It’s an event where gamers are present to speedrun all sorts of video games. The most recent rendition of the event happened in January 2023. The speedrunning event raised $3.4 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Crowdsourcing and Fundraising Challenges

Crowdsourcing is a popular way of raising money for any cause, charity included. Each game comes with a few challenges, and event hosts can add more of them to make things interesting. Combining these challenges with fundraising events excites players and serves a purpose.

One example of such an event is the One Up On Cancer. The event was created by a cancer survivor who pledged to donate a dollar for every life the player lost in the game Cuphead. The gaming community decided to follow his example, raising considerable amounts of money for a noble cause.

Charity Tournaments

E-sports tournaments are integral parts of the modern age of gaming. They put the champions of various games against each other. They attract attention and inspire young gamers to train and reach the top of the gaming world. Sometimes, they don’t just go for prizes for the players but organize charity tournaments.

The International is a popular DOTA 2 tournament that gets attention from thousands of viewers each year. It comes with a considerable prize pool shared between the top players. However, a portion of that amount goes to charity. In 2022, the amount rose to $40 million, and a couple of millions went to a noble cause.


1. Can anyone participate in a gaming charity event?

Anyone looking to donate money can do so at such an event. Alternatively, they can be part of a group of entertainers.

2. Can anyone start a charity gaming event?

In today’s digital world, anyone can start a charity. If you’re a streamer or gamer, you already have your audience.

3. Can I make a difference as an individual gamer?

Individuals organize and follow all events, and anyone can make a difference.

To Wrap Up

Gaming is a popular hobby, but it’s also a common way of raising money for a good cause. Gamers love challenges, which is why they take on the challenge of fundraising for various events. They might stream themselves playing a particular game, speedrunning it, or enjoying it another way.

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