Question Of The Day: How Long Can You Drive on Empty Tank? – Drop Your Own Opinion

Another Big Question Of The day. So many at time we run our cars without checking if the Available gas can take us to our destination or if it can even take us to where we can refill it.

Modern life throws a huge number of problems at you, from work-related issues to finding free VIN
online. Filling your vehicle with fuel typically gets put on the back burner until its absolutely necessary.

Okay let imagine that you have your Empty Tank light On and you need to drive 14 KM before you can see a Gas Station to refill it, what will be the questions you ask? Well most at times we do ask can you trust your Gas Gauge?, How Many Miles Will It Run?, Is Running out of Gas bad for your vehicle?, How long can your engine run with the empty tank light on before you run into problems? Understanding how your vehicle works can help you know what to do in low fuel situations.

Drive on Empty Tank

Can You Trust Your Gas Gauge?

Your fuel gauge is more of a guideline really, with the needle or lighted bars only showing an estimate of your remaining gas. Even if someone could create an ultra-accurate, easy-to-read dial, most drivers wouldn’t want it. Surveys have demonstrated that car owners want a reserve to keep them from suddenly becoming stranded. This means you typically have two to three gallons left when the gauge says you’re empty.

On the other hand, when drivers have full gas tanks, they want to see it for a while. Human brains enjoy completionism, preferring to see a full fuel gauge rather than a partially full one. Plus, after dropping a ton of money at the pump, car owners want to feel like they are receiving good mileage. This translated to car manufacturers designing gauges to show your vehicle as full until the first few gallons have been used.

How Many Miles Will It Run?

It can be hard to translate your reserve tank to an exact number because every vehicle is different. Even having three gallons vs two can result in difference 30 miles or more. To find out the exact amount, check your owner’s manual. It may require you to do some math, as sometimes it gives the
reserve fuel as a fraction of the tank.

Is Running Out of Gas Bad for Your Vehicle?

Obviously, if you run out of fuel you can strand yourself. This could be dangerous depending on where you are and how long it takes for assistance to arrive. Your fuel pump might also suffer damage from overheating or losing pressure, requiring you to replace it. Another concern is that the bottom of the fuel tank is where sediment gathers. Driving with low fuel causes this dirt and sludge to be sucked up into your engine, which can cause problems.

How Can You Improve Your Empty Mileage?

By increasing your overall fuel economy, you get better mileage when running on empty. Start by keeping up with all your regular maintenance. Sticking to your oil change schedule by getting the best prices on synthetic oil, replacing parts at the suggested intervals, and proper tire inflation all give you better efficiency at any fuel level.

When you are low on gas, make sure you turn off all unnecessary accessories. This includes the air conditioner, phone charger, stereo, and DVD player. Leave on headlights and windshield wipers to prevent accidents. You should also close windows, sunroofs, and vents to improve your aerodynamics.

Get better gas mileage by taking care of the car that’s always there for you. Come to AutoZone for products that keep your vehicle in the best condition possible.

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