How Much Can I Win Playing Online Slots?

Whenever anybody engages in gambling (online or offline), they always dream of pocketing immense prizes. However, can you really win life-changing sums of cash playing casino games? Some of the biggest progressive prizes of all time have been won on online slots, so we’d like to think so. Even so, we’re going to explore the topic in more detail here today.

Are Online or Offline Prizes Worth more?

Generally speaking, the prizes you can win playing online are worth more. Sure, there are hundreds of millions of euros to be won in some of the land-based gambling world’s biggest lottery games, but online slots seldom pay out more than a couple of million dollars. Online, the record for progressive jackpot slot payouts stands at just shy of €20 million – a cash prize you simply aren’t likely to win betting in a real brick-and-mortar casino.

Your Stake Determines Your Prizes

The value of the prizes you can win are usually determined by your stake. The exception here is some progressive jackpot games. For the most part, you’ll pocket fixed rates (for prizes) based on the amount you wager. For instance, a slot’s top prize may be worth 1,000x a bet. Whether you wager a euro or €100 per spin, you can still only win 1,000x that figure, but that sum will be larger if you wager the latter.

But You Can Win Larger Sums with High Stakes

As touched on, your stake will determine the value of your prizes, but not the prize ratio. Even when you opt to play high roller slots online, you can only typically score prizes that are worth proportionally the same, whatever you choose to bet. The more you stake, the more the value of the prize is, but it will be proportionally identical to someone who lands the same combo and wins with far smaller stakes.

Progressives Are Usually the Way to Go

If you want to win epic cash prizes, we’d suggest playing progressive jackpot slots. Unlike most slots, these have unfixed jackpots. In short, you can win a theoretically unlimited amount of money. The value of these prizes rises with each new bet and is uncapped. The fewer the players, the smaller the prize. However, some of these are tens of millions of euros and are won regularly.

Some Non-Progressive Jackpot Slots Are Worth More

The least popular progressives aren’t worth playing, even if they are jackpot slots. The main reason for this is that because so few players try them, their jackpots are small. In fact, some are so small; they can easily be outranked by conventional non-progressive (fixed or capped) jackpot slots. Some of these games can easily pay over a million dollars or euros if your stake is suitably high enough to receive that kind of prize. Again, though, these prizes are fixed, so you’ll always win the same amount for an identical combo (proportional to your stake).

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