How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Essay Writer?

Essays are the most common types of academic papers assigned to students. To succeed in an essay writing process, you must set aside time for research, brainstorming on ideas, and creating an attractive essay. You must strictly follow the guidelines given by your instructor to get good grades for your essay.

It is not every student that has developed the skills of writing essays. No matter how hard they try, they keep creating essays that cannot flow well with the topic. This and many other reasons are what compels many students to hire an essay writer to write for them. Essay writer charges differ in many ways.

Is it okay to Pay Someone to Write for You?

Yes, you can pay professional Essay Writers UK to write a quality essay for you. Everyone has their unique reasons why they choose to pay someone to write their essay for them. College is not just a place for study. Many other activities go on on campuses daily.

You could be busy in your sports program preparing for collegiate competitions. Even if your teacher knows you are participating in practice, they still expect you to complete your essay at the same time as the rest. Unless you pay a professional to write for you, you will likely get late to complete writing.

The essay writers hire qualified writers who create original essays for you. They have wide experience in writing different types of academic papers. They are knowledgeable in a wide field and they use their knowledge and experience to create original essays.

How do You Decide Who to Pay to Write your Essay for You?

It is easy to search online and choose an essay service that appears first on the search engine results as your essay writer. You might be right but it doesn’t always work that way. You must first be certain the essay service is prudent.

essay writer

Do not choose an individual from social media to be your writer. Look for established companies that have a large pool of writers. If you deal with an individual, you can easily lose your money but most essay writing companies are genuine and will deliver as promised.

Still, not every company is genuine. Before you decide which company will write for you, go through online reviews to check if the company has been delivering quality papers. Some of the companies are scams and will only steal your money and never hear from them again.

How Much Will it Cost to Hire Someone to Write an Essay for You?

Different factors determine the amount you will pay to get someone to your essay. Each factor is important and you should get familiar with them all. Every essay writing service has a minimum cost which can vary anything between £15 to £25. The maximum cost is determined by the factors below.

The First One is your Course Level.

The essay for each course level is charged differently. If you are an undergraduate, it will cost you less. If you are studying a higher course like master’s or Ph.D., you will pay more. The difference is not much but when it’s summed according to pages, you will notice a significant difference.

Number of Pages

Part of the instructions from your instructor might be to write a specific number of pages for your essay. If no restrictions have been given, you need to do some research to know how many pages your type of essay should have.

The amount you pay is calculated by multiplying the number of pages you order by the cost per page of your essay. For example, assume your course is masters and your essay will be 20 pages. If the minimum cost is £20 per page, your cost will be 20×20 = £400.


Deadline is another important factor you must consider. If your deadline is too soon, you will pay more. If it is far, you will pay less. When the deadline is closer, you might pay up to £5 per page above the normal charges. When it is far, you will pay the ordinary charges and save some money.

Writer Experience/Education

When ordering your paper, you get to choose your preferred writer with your essay writing services. The list of writers will be graduates, masters, and Ph.D. If you choose a Ph.D. writer, expect to pay more by about £10 or more. Although you will pay more, expect a higher quality because the writer is more educated.

The Final Step: How will you Order your Paper?

To order your essay, go to the website of the essay writing service that you choose. Create an account on that page (it’s free). Log in and give detailed instructions on how your paper must be written. Be specific with the deadline and what you expect. If you are allowed to choose a writer, choose the one you can afford. Make your deposit and within your deadline, you will get your ready paper.

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