How Often You Should Get Your Office Deep Cleaned & Disinfected?

We spend most of our day at our office. From attending meetings to reviewing files, there is so much to manage. That is why it is necessary to keep our office as clean as possible. Hygiene is a crucial matter, and one cannot ignore it. No matter where you work, you must keep your surroundings clean. It is the only way to reduce harmful germs and save yourself from unwanted diseases. You won’t need to miss out on work when you don’t fall sick.

There is no doubt that a healthy person is more productive. He can complete his work in a shorter span without exerting too much energy. On the other hand, a sick person won’t be able to concentrate on the given task. Thus, it is clear that timely office cleaning is mandatory. It protects your health and prevents delays in completing various tasks.

Every office has a different capacity, so their cleaning needs differ. Some offices require cleaning once a month while others have higher needs. Several factors determine whether your office needs a deep cleaning session or not.

Spread of Covid and the Need for Extensive Cleaning

Covid 19 has impacted several lives and their work habits. From social distancing to work from home culture, we have experienced so many things. Similarly, Covid 19 has also changed our office cleaning needs. There was a time when offices didn’t require deep cleaning for days, but now things have changed.

After the onset of the pandemic, cleanliness has become a high priority for individuals and organizations. However, these needs cannot be met by amateurs. Therefore, top cleaning franchise companies strongly recommend that offices hire expert cleaners for every task whether it is disinfection, fumigation, or just deep cleaning.

Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces have become a mandatory part of our lives. People could fall prey to viruses if they are not careful.

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Factors Affecting Your Cleaning Needs

If you seem confused over how often to get your office deep cleaned, keep these factors in mind:

Cleaning Method

The cleaning method impacts the frequency of cleaning.

  • Regular cleaning: Dusting, vacuuming, and managing trash come under regular cleaning. There is one fixed team to carry out these tasks every day. With regular cleaning, your office space remains clean and tidy. Since it is a basic form of cleaning, you can carry them out daily or every week.
  • Deep cleaning: This option refers to a more intensive form of cleaning. Usually, professional cleaning teams carry out such processes using specialized equipment. Polishing surfaces, sanitization, and disinfection are part of deep cleaning. Such a type of cleaning is crucial for preventing outbreaks. However, it costs a lot, so availing of it once every six months is enough.

How Does the Office Size Matter in Deep Cleaning?

Office size makes a huge difference in the cleaning needs. The larger the office, the greater the need for cleaning. Large offices have more furniture, carpets, and washrooms. You will need to attend to each area separately.

Furthermore, buildings have a massive ventilation system. Germs, dust, and dirt can accumulate within the system if one doesn’t clean them more often. In other words, multi-story buildings need professional cleaning more than smaller setups.

How many Employees Work on the Premises?

When a person walks into a place, he brings germs with his shoes and clothes. If your office has hundreds of employees, you are at a greater risk. Thus you must avail deep cleaning services frequently.

There could even be unwanted accidents. For example, an employee spills coffee on the floor or drops his food. In both cases, one needs quick cleaning services. Another reason for frequent cleaning is the use of washrooms. You will need to have your restrooms cleaned twice a day because several people use them. Poorly maintained restrooms result in unhygienic conditions and the spread of diseases.

How Many Offices or Departments Work in the Same Building?

The number of offices or departments sharing an office building affects your cleaning needs. If more than one business uses the same building, there is more traffic. Carpets are dirtier, cubicles have more dust, and the volume of litter increases.

That is why there will be a greater need for deep cleaning. Employees could fall sick if you don’t opt for timely cleaning sessions.

How Often do Clients Visit your Place?

Businesses catering to more visitors every day must avail deep cleaning sessions more than once a month. You don’t want visitors to see dirty lobbies and messy rooms. It leaves a poor impression on clients.

Regular sanitization is mandatory for every office that wants to protect its visitors from germs.

Benefits of a Clean Office

A clean office offers protection to its employees. When individuals work in a tidy place, they feel more productive. Moreover, the chances of falling sick decrease, so hardly anyone misses out on work. With less number of people falling ill, the overall workplace performance improves.

Deep cleaning is ideal for removing bacteria and germs from every corner. Individuals should arrange at least two deep cleaning sessions for their office.

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