How secure is Bitcoin trading?

When it comes to investing your money somewhere, the very first thought that comes into your mind is the security of your invested sum. The thought of losing all the invested money haunts you now and then. One must understand the whole market scenario before making investments, just to ensure risk-free success.

Cryptocurrency security

When it comes to Bitcoin trading, all potential and willing investors search all the available platforms to gain enough knowledge about the features of the security of Bitcoin. Once you put or invest your sum somewhere the sole motive you have is to earn maximum profit by not landing into an insecure position. Here in this article, I am going to throw light upon the common factor that haunts every trader and creates an apprehension of meeting security breach.

Fear of being hacked

The biggest fear in an Investors mind is the fear of having its account hacked and loss of mined Bitcoin. Whereas the true story is somewhat different, there are so many misconceptions amongst people about the said phenomenon. The software that is used for securing Bitcoin and its transactions are high-end security software, this software protect every transaction, all encryptions, personal data and keys that are used for making successful transactions. Till date, no big security breach has been encountered by Bitcoin and this situation enunciates the fact that how safe Bitcoin trading is in comparison to other online trading platforms. During the past few years, it has been witnessed that tech companies have worked hard and have introduced some software, application, and offline wallets that are facilitating the Traders and ensuring their invested sum’s security every time.

The vulnerability of wallets

As we all know that the wallets are the keepers of Bitcoin. One after mining a Bitcoin can easily store the same in the wallet. The question that arises out of this is that are these wallets reliable enough that they can restrain all the invaders who have malicious intentions if robbing Bitcoin. The answer to this question is, to some extent the wallets can combat the hackers but unfortunately due to certain loopholes, wallets still create vulnerability of evasion into the secured Bitcoin network.

Tech companies are day and night working in pursuance of building a safe and secure platform for refraining all the outsiders.

The malicious act of selfish mining

You must have never heard the term Selfish mining. Selfish Mining means trading Bitcoin in such a way by which the other innocent miners stay deprived of certain valuable opportunities. What happens is that when some mining pools acquire enough knowledge and by using the same attempts to manipulate the functioning of Bitcoin and mine Bitcoins at higher speed as in comparison with other miners. This act is commonly known as, Block Withholding. In the crypto world, such individuals are normally regarded as greedy miners, who use their computational power to mine Bitcoin and at the very same time hiding it from other honest miners and hinders the same from being broadcasted as a new Block on the network. If you wish to know more you can visit cryptogroup.


Sometimes the activities of others cause hindrance in our work. It could be a direct attack or an indirect but ends up by jeopardizing our interest. The above-written content enunciates the same situation. Bitcoin in recent time is considered to be the safest online investment platform and despite having so many issues in between, it is still running smoothly and working astonishingly. I hope this information turns out to be useful to you.

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