How to Backup Gmail Account on Mac System

Backup Gmail Account on Mac

Keeping all your emails in Google’s cloud storage may be risky sometimes because no one knows the risk of malware attacks and hacker attacks. This way you can be wiped out years of your saved emails. But you can reduce the chances of email loss by backing up your Gmail account. Sometimes, if you want to access your Gmail emails in the offline mode or you want to convert it into a PDF file format and other various formats then it also may be the reason to take the backup of the Gmail account. Now in this blog, we will know how to backup Gmail account on the Mac system, follow to the end.

Method 1: Backup Locally

It is a secure method and you can download all your emails through the IMAP client like Apple Mail, Outlook etc. Google has a web page in which detailed setup instructions are given for Apple Mail. Now see the instructions below to set up your account:

Step 1: Open your Apple Mail and select Mail >> Preferences, click Accounts.

Step 2: Now, choose your Gmail account from the left pane and click Advance.

Step 3: Now, a pop-up menu will be open as Keep Copies Of Messages For Offline Viewing. From there select All Messages and Their Attachments.

Note: If you have done all the setups correctly then relaunch the Application and check your Gmail account one time in a day and leave it running a long time duration so that all your emails can be downloaded on IMAP. Now if download completed to an IMAP client, then you have two copies of each, one will be on the Mac and another will be on Google’s server. IMAP keeps syncing Gmail and email programs and sometimes some items may disappear that’s why for the security purpose, use a backup program to keep your local files including downloaded email backed up safe.

Method 2: Enable POP Access

It is an easy method to backup your Gmail account on the Mac system. When you download messages on the IMAP mail client then it is also backed up along with all the data on the Mac. You can also access all your emails in offline mode. Now see the steps below to enable the POP Access.

Step 1: Open your Gmail account and click on the Settings (gear icon) >> Settings.

Step 2: Now, click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP and choose Enable POP for all mail after that click on Configuration instructions to find out support to enable the POP client.

Step 3: After reading and applying the instructions click on Save Changes. In this way, POP Access will be enabled.

Method 3: Using an Automated Method

After trying the above manual methods if you are stuck in the more technicalities then you can also use a third-party utility which is Gmail Backup Software that can backup Gmail account on Mac as well as download and Backup Emails, Contacts, Calendar and G-Drive items and saves Gmail emails as PDF, HTML, EML, EML, TXT, MSG, MBOX, etc. It is compatible with all the Mac versions with great graphical user interface and also user can do the free backup of 50 emails with its demo version.

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I have discussed how to backup Gmail account on Mac with multiple manual methods as well as an automated method. I hope the user will now be able to backup Google account on Mac. But I would suggest using an automated method because it is safer, secure, fast processing and easy to use method even for novice users too.

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