How to Backup Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive

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Learn the best practices to download Hotmail emails to the hard drive through this article and get the best results. This blog will illustrate the reason, difficulties, and procedure to backup Hotmail emails. So, without wasting time lets get started.

Hotmail is one of the best available webmail email clients that can easily accessible by sitting anywhere in the world. But still, there are many Hotmail users who encountered the hacking incidents just like any other internet service. These incidents further lead to loose important data. Save Hotmail emails to hard drive help in protecting the data.

Hacking events, malware attacks, and other concerns have often risen in the modern era. Therefore, maintaining a backup copy of all important information has become a necessity. For webmail accounts, the same applies to emails. Emails are safely stored in Windows Live Hotmail for the most part and can be easily accessed by any browser. Now, move further to know the methods backup Hotmail emails to Hard drive.

How to download Hotmail emails to Hard drive?

For this, you need to save Hotmail email as EML files from Hard drive. Follow the steps as given below:

Steps to Save Hotmail emails as EML file into Hard drive

  • In Windows Live Hotmail, open the email you want to save to your hard drive.
  • Hit the down arrow in the header area of the message next to Reply.
  • Choose View message source from the upcoming menu.
  • In the message list, you can also hit the right mouse button and choose View message source from the context menu.
  • To show all the text and code of the source document, press Ctrl-A.
  • To copy the highlighted text, press Ctrl-C (Windows).
  • See if the browser helps you to save the source code of the message as a.eml file:
    From the menu in the message origin window or tab, pick File > Save As (or the “save as” command of your browser).
  • Change the name of the file to [ subject].eml or email.eml.
  • Make sure that the extension of the file is.eml (instead of.aspx or.html or anything else); if your browser insists that you use.html or.htm to save, go ahead.
  • Make sure the page source is saved by your browser (instead of using the “Web Archive” format, say).
  • Save the file on your hard disk to your computer or any other tab.

If it was not possible to save directly as a .eml file:

  • Open any plain text editor (e.g. TextEdit, Notepad or Emacs).
  • Create a new file in plain text.
  • To paste the source of the message press Ctrl-V (Windows and Linux) or Command-V (Mac).
  • Save the document on your hard disk as a plain text file or any other directory with the “.eml.”

Use the Copy and Paste Method to Save Hotmail Emails

All you need to do is to simply copy all the content of your email and then just paste it on a text file. It will save all the email content as a plain text and you can access that content anywhere. This can also be used as a backup of the Hotmail mailbox data.

Save Hotmail Email as PDF File on Your Local System

It’s a really easy task to save your Hotmail data as PDF Files. You just need to follow the below steps:

  1. Login to Outlook webmail using the Hotmail profile credentials.
  2. Next, open the folder containing the emails to be saved.
  3. Select the email and open it.
  4. Now, the email will get opened and select the more options button.
  5. From the freshly appeared window, select the Print option.
  6. Outlook will preview the email content and will ask for the confirmation. Click on the Print button.
  7. A print window will appear on the screen. From the options, select the destination as “Save as PDF”.
  8. Click on the Save button.
  9. Provide a name to the resultant file and hit Save.
  10. Soon the email will get saved as the PDF file on your system.

This way you can easily download all the Hotmail emails to hard disk as PDF.

So these all are the manual ways to save Hotmail email to Hard drive. Go thoroughly one by one and save the Hotmail email to hard drive properly.

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We have explained all about “how to download Hotmail emails to Hard drive” manually. There are three manual measures that have been explained to help in saving the Hotmail emails to the Hard drive. Hopefully, you will understand all the given information successfully.

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