How To Brand Your Business Successfully

Branding your business is essential to its success. Here are some tips on how to do it effectively. Branding is the use of marketing techniques to….

You have taken a lot of time and a lot of energy to get your business off of the idea page and onto the reality page. Now you want to make sure that your new business finds its proper place within your chosen industry.

The first thing you need to do is to start out on the right foot. And you do this by branding your business and yourself as the most important factor in achieving success.

But do not become complacent once you have established your brand. The process by which you will remain successful within the business world is to constantly improve the branding process.

So how do you actually build a brand? It entails for more than a good logo or good ad copy. Although those 2 items do play a key role in branding your business. You need to do a bit more. And here are some thoughts to get you started on how to brand your business.

What is a Brand?

The simple definition of brand is simply what your customers think about you. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos really nailed down the meaning of good branding by saying, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room!”

Another way to look at your brand is that it is your reputation. In today’s fiercely competitive business word it is important to be consistent in communication and experience over multiple applications:

  • Customer Service
  • Content Publishing
  • Environment both Storefront and Office
  • In Print (collateral,signage, packaging)
  • Website and Online Presence

Building a successful brand involves being very consistent and good branding is far from being an easy thing to do.

It is a process. But if done properly can definitely lead to long-term customer relations. This will lead to more referrals, more projects, and more word-of-mouth advertising for your products or services.

What is Brand Building?

Brand building’s purpose is to create awareness of your business using marketing strategies and certain advertising campaigns to promote a unique and lasting impression of your business image in the market-place.

Positive Impressions+Standing Out = Brand Success

Now in 2020, you can amplify your brand image by using these various services across different platforms:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Advertising (PPC)
  • User Experience (Your Website)
  • SEO And Content Marketing

Together all of these available channels are fundamental in gaining brand awareness and the overall growth of your business.

Find Your Brand’s Purpose

Every brand out there has a powerful purpose behind it. And so should you. You need to bounce up every morning ready to provide for other people through your products or services.

Ask yourself these questions when defining your brand’s purpose:

  • Why do you exist?
  • What makes you different?
  • Why should people care?
  • What problem do you solve?

Use the answers to these questions to form the foundation of your brand.  Use taglines, slogans, voice messaging, visuals, and more.

Research Your Competitors Brands in Your Industry

Do not try to imitate another brand in your genre. Instead be aware of what they are, and why they are doing what they do, and especially what contributed to the ones that failed.

The purpose is to be different from them. Convince one of their customers to buy your product or service.

Research the competitors and benchmark brands and study the way that they went about the building of their brand. Get some ideas but as was mentioned before do not copy someone else’s brand or branding ideas. Be original. You want to be recognizable and distinctive.

Who Is Your Target Audience

The foundation of building a powerful brand is determining who your target audience is. Who are the people that you want as the central core of your client base.

Once you have determined who these people are then deciding on a branding campaign will be much easier and much more effective. Tailor your mission to meet their needs.

When you have found your intended audience you can then further refine that particular group into the exact subset that you need as customers.

For example if your target is “moms” in general you can target a specific group of “single stay at home moms”. Find the audience then research which subset will most benefit from what you are offering. Her are some more -examples:

  • Tech people are too broad. Try Tech savvy IT managers that manage large teams.
  • College kids could be College kids who travel abroad to Europe for their studies.
  • Anyone that needs a job suddenly becomes Retirees that are looking to return to the workforce as executives.

As you can see, targeting a niche is something that you need to be extremely focused on from the very start. This will help your branded message to come across to the intended party in a very crystal clear view.

Build A Brand Mission Statement

Do your business a great favor in developing your brand’s mission statement. Craft a clear and concise statement that reflects you and your business and what both of them are passionate about.

A good mission statement defines what your business is all about and defines its purpose for existing. It will also inform every aspect of your brand building strategy.

When a potential customer asks about what it is that you do, give them your mission statement.

Outlining the Key Benefits Your Brand Offers

Starting a memorable brand speaks volumes about your tenacity. It means that you have dug deeper into your brand and that you have tailored your offerings that are unmatched by any other brand.

Your products, your services, and your benefits belong solely to your brand. Now that you have determined exactly who your targeted audience is, take it a step further by offering them something that no other brand does.

Think of ways that your potential consumers’ life will be changed by choosing your brand. Here are some excellent examples:

  • Saving valuable unreplaceable time on a daily task
  • A better way to do some particular task
  • Reducing costs associated with a particular task
  • More authentic and streamlined customer service.

Create a Unique and Memorable Brand Voice

The voice that you create is dependent on your company’s mission, their audience and their industry. The more adept you are at responding to customers the better the experience will be in them responding to your brand.

A well planned brand voice should be:

  • Friendly
  • Authoritative
  • Technical
  • Service-oriented
  • Professional above all

Ultimately you need a voice for your brand that resonates and makes sense with your targeted audience. This is very important when you are writing blog posts or social media posts. You want to optimize every chance to get your brand’s voice heard across whichever channel you are using to promote the brand.

A good community of followers, readers, and subscribers will come expect that certain voice no matter what type of content they are viewing. This in turn is also a pivotal point in which those passive readers become those loyal followers and ultimately those consistent repeat customers.

This particular step in the brand building process may need not only your input but the input from a logo design expert to provide some creative execution for implementing your brand logo.

Your brand’s logo is going to appear on everything that relates to your business. It will be your identity, your calling card, and a visual representation of your mission statement’s promise.

The best way to go about this is to be more than ready to invest in whatever it takes to build the perfect logo. A good logo designer can help you to convey your mission statement through a visual presence.

Now Get Busy

Hopefully by now you are a better informed business branding expert. You took your time developing this company, now take those same meticulous principles and apply them to your branding process.

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