How to Buy Refurbished Apple Products?

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Apple products are expensive. If one is looking to find ways to save money buying Apple products, they should opt for refurbished products. There is a fright of buying a faulty produce when preference is refurbished apple products. However, by checking on few things in a smart way, one can buy a good new refurbished product.

Here is a guide on how to buy apple certified refurbished products:

What are refurbished products?

The refurbished products are those products returned to apple by the customers. These products should have had a defect. Such products are repaired by Apple free of cost. It then puts them back to sale as “Refurbished products”. They are available only through Apple’s website and are not offered in retail stores.

Before buying a refurbished product check on the following:

  • Check the prices of the refurbished apple products against the brand new products. New products are never discounted by Apple. Therefore, the price of a refurbished Apple product is less than the Apple store price. The price should not be very less as it can be a deception.
  • Never take time in buying Apple refurbishes. This is because, as compared to other refurbished products, Apple’s refurbished products sell out quick. And it will take weeks or even months to restock.
  • One drawback of Apple is that they never update their style very frequently. Therefore it is difficult to find out the differences between the older refurbished product and the brand new model. Therefore if not by images, the refurbished products can be found form the part numbers. The part number of all the refurbished products of Apple starts with “F”. None of the brand new product part number start with “F”.

Apple Certified Refurbished iPhones are different

Out of all the Apple products, iPhone is a special product to Apple and its refurbishment is done differently. Apple does not offer refurbished iPhones through its refurbishment websites. It sells the refurbished iPhones as under warranty or out of warranty replacements.

It is very difficult to find out the type of iPhone, if it is brand new, refurbished or replaced. However, the part number can be used to solve the confusion. The part numbers of iPhones start with M, N, P or F. They denote as follows:

  • M – retail unit or in other words brand new.
  • N – Replacement unit – refurbished but is put for under warranty or low warranty.
  • P – Personalised Unit.
  • F – Refurbished Unit.

Refurbished Apple products

Another method to check if the product is refurbished is, by checking the lifetime. While the products are sent for refurbishment, the cellular statistics are reset. However the lifetime metric cannot be changed. Even a new formatted device will have the life time unchanged from its date of manufacture. One can check this on;

  • Go to settings
  • Click Cellular
  • Select Call Time
  • Check the “Life time” option.

The most important factor to buy a refurbished Apple product is that one should never wait too long. This is because the refurbished Apple products are not very hard to find. Today there are many websites selling refurbished MacBooks there but not all of them are trusted. If you’re looking to buy a Apple’s used macbooks, then is a better option for buying refurbished macbooks here in USA. Definitely you’re going to spend a big part of your savings to purchase a new laptop so you don’t want to take any risk. This is easy, reliable and trusted.

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