How To Calculate The Return On Investment (ROI) Of A Marketing Campaign?

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Even when you have the best product in the world, without a good
marketing campaign, you will not achieve the desired success. Nowadays, when
the whole world is online, your focus should be on digital marketing. According
to digital marketing companies in Dubai, online marketing is our present but
also the future. If you wish to increase your business sales, you should take a
quick look at this article

A marketing strategy
should be part of every business plan, which means that you should determine
the budget that you’re ready to invest in promoting your brand, product, or
service. The essential thing to know is that this figure can vary every month;
that is, the amount of investment may fall outside your budget. Read more about
how to calculate the ROI on this link.

In case you need
professional assistance with your digital marketing campaign because you don’t
know where to start with all of it, you need to find the best digital agency
Dubai in case your business is based in the UAE. The United Arab Emirates is
home to many professional digital marketers and you should use their knowledge
to be able to lift your business among the best companies in the market.

Why Is Return On
Investment So Significant To Every Business?

Sometimes it will go under your expectations, while sometimes you will be
pleasantly surprised by a successful campaign that has brought you significant
savings. How your strategy will evolve and what results it will give, depends
on your business moves.

Whenever we invest in
something, we want to know if it has produced results, that is, whether we were
able to return the investment, or whether the balance of our strategy is
negative. The indicator we use in this case is called return on investment


In Short About ROI

In the field of digital marketing, ROI is used to calculate the profitability
of an initial investment in online advertising. It is most often expressed as a
percentage or as a ratio of revenue of what we invest. As another benefit of
this calculation, digital agency UAE explains the gaining of insight into how
your marketing campaign is affecting your entire business.

Simply put, you are comparing the profit and initial costs of your campaign.
Depending on the results, the business owner will know whether to continue
investing or to divert money to another project. Of course, this does not mean
that he should give up on digital marketing, but he/she should only approach it

Calculating ROI

The calculation is quite simple – we deduct initial investment from the
revenue. We put the result obtained in the ratio with the same investments. We
should multiply the amount we get by 100. This way, we get the final ROI as a

calculating roi

For example, you hired
a digital agency Dubai to help you realize and implement your digital marketing
strategy. After a while, you want to see how things with your campaign are
going. The calculation shows that the Facebook ads campaign has negative ROI
and, at the same time, an email campaign yield a 50% return on investment. It
is clear where the funds should be redirected.

Percentage Of Conversions

The success of a digital marketing campaign is not all about money, as it is shown
by business owners who can count on ROI in another way. In some situations, the success of an online marketing strategy can also be calculated as a percentage
of successful conversions, that is, converting internet users to what brings or
will possibly bring in profits (customers, clients, subscribers, newsletter
subscriptions, etc.).

The result of this calculation is also expressed as a percentage, that is, when
these percentages are multiplied by the invested value, the value in money is
recovered. This may provide you with an idea of how much conversion money you
make, and whether you are doing things right.

The Things You Need To
Know About ROI

The most significant the thing when it comes to calculating ROI is to realize which marketing method
will significantly improve your overall ROI success score and which ones will
tear it down. After you’ve recognized which methods to use more and which
methods to avoid using, you’ll successfully bring your ROI to a positive the outcome, and all this is very important for calculating your return on

There’s No Better
Method Than Digital Marketing

You need to know that
digital marketing companies in Dubai are the best solution to market your
business digitally, and you’ll get fantastic results. Not all results can come
back instantly, but you’ll see the changes within several weeks upon the start
of your digital marketing campaign. Investing in your company’s future as well
as in a marketing campaign is of the utmost importance so you could achieve all
your goals and much more.

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