How to Choose a Frying Pan and Which One Is Better to Buy

Even an experienced housewife is not always able to choose a quality frying pan. It also concerns buyers who first encountered the need to purchase this kitchen utensil. An inexperienced beginner will easily get lost in the abundance of assortment, materials, and forms. This article will teach you how not to make a mistake with the choice and which frying pan is better to buy for your kitchen.

The Purpose of Buying a Frying Pan

Deciding to buy a new frying pan, the task of paramount importance is to decide on the dishes for which it is purchased. After all, there is a huge selection of utensils on the market, both universal and specific. You can check the assortment on if you are looking for a carbon steel wok pan or a wok. For example, a pan for pancakes: its surface is ideal for pancakes and omelettes but absolutely not suitable for cooking vegetable stew (as it has too low sides), similarly with other models.

Consider the number of servings, the surface of the plate, and any non-stick requirements as well. You may buy a frying pan that is not only attractive but also meets all the requirements of the chef by applying these criteria.

Frying Pan

Which Pans Are the Best and Safest

Shops have a variety of pans. The assortment is rich: big and small, with handles, without them, with lids, etc. What dishes are they used for? The article will teach distinguishing frying pans by purpose.

Classic frying pans

This is the most popular choice. Suitable for deep-frying meat and fish, vegetable stewing, cooking sauces, and other culinary specialties. You can distinguish such by several signs:

  • necessarily round shape;
  • one (rarely two) long handle.

However, the walls’ height, diameter, and material may differ. For day-to-day and regular usage, tableware is purchased. That is why, for optimum convenience and flexibility, a medium-sized size (18-24 cm) is ideal.


Visually reminiscent of a classic frying pan, only equipped with two small handles. A professional chef’s arsenal of knives, scrapers, and slicers is essential, but they’re also useful for home cooking. They can also be used in the oven or on the stove. It’s made of sturdy iron, except for cast iron.

What are the characteristics of the roaster?

  • Bottom. The bottom of the roaster is thick and multilayered. Due to this, a uniform heat distribution on the surface is achieved. As a result, the meals are cooked equally in the middle and on the edges, minimizing scorching and sticking.
  • Welded fixing of handles. This is done not only for durability but also as protection against burns. This allows the handles not to heat up, even if the pan is on an open flame.

Roasters are often used to prepare meat, vegetable, and fish dishes, as well as many other types of fried foods. The oven-safe handles allow you to easily store the dishes in the oven and after cooling — in the refrigerator.

Frying Pan

Grill pan

The shape can be circular, square, or rectangular. Ribbed bottoms are a hallmark of such utensils, as they allow the ribbons of a barbecue to shine through. Use a minimum amount of oil when cooking on a grill pan, but the food still turns out juicy, with an appetizing toasted crust. How does it turn out?

  • Products lie on the ribs without touching the base of the pits;
  • all the fat and oil accumulates in the grooves.

As a result, tasty and nutritious meals are made with natural flavors. Grill pans are used to prepare healthful foods.


Which pan to choose if you want to stew and fry simultaneously? That’s right, a stewpan. This is a combination of a pan and a saucepan that may be used to prepare any dish, from meat to desserts and eggs with soups.

What makes the stewpan special:

  • thick bottom and walls for even heating of ingredients;
  • top (so that the liquid does not boil quickly);
  • handles for ease of use.

Choose any pen that might be useful in your kitchen. If you never braise vegetables, then you don’t need a special pen for it. However, this might be a good idea to try new recipes out.

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