How To Choose A Comfortable And High-Quality Computer Chair

 In the process of organizing a workplace, the first thing to do is to choose a comfortable computer chair. The functionality and quality of this furniture depends not only on the health and mood of the employee, but also his productivity. It is extremely important to monitor the position of the body during work, and a good chair will greatly facilitate this task.


When choosing a chair, first of all, focus on how much time you have to spend in it.

  • 1-2 hours a day allow you to limit the adjustable parameters and capabilities of the model to a comfortable backrest.
  • 3-5 hours will require a more thoughtful chair. To reduce the load on your back, choose a model with adjustable tilt and height.
  • For 5 hours or longer you should sit in a chair with orthopedic backrest. It will be able to adjust to the position of your body and will reduce the load on the back and joints.

Standard office chair allows you to comfortably perform operations at the table without getting up. This is ensured by the rotation mechanism and crosses with rollers. Due to the large number of moving parts, a low-quality chair will quickly fail. To choose a reliable model check used office furniture Fort Lauderdale and look at the details separately.

Crossheads and rollers

It is better to choose the crosshead with the appropriate pads. It is desirable that the base of the chair was metal, although modern types of plastic are strong enough to withstand the highest loads.

Rollers should be chosen according to the surface on which the chair will stand:

The plastic wheels will be suitable for a soft carpet or a similar coating – it will glide better;

take special soft castors for hard floors – they do not make noise, cling well to the coating and do not spoil it.

Swing mechanism, adjustment of backrest and armrests


In inexpensive models, you can adjust the backrest position with special screws and handles. In more expensive armchairs, the backrest can be fixed in the desired position with one hand.

Fitting depth

Some models provide for adjustment of seat depth and its tilt. This allows you to relieve the load off your feet.

Swing mechanism

Advanced chairs are equipped with a rocking mechanism. In them you can fully relax and lean back. In such an armchair support should be made of durable metal, which will not bend under the weight of a person when swinging.


In most models, the armrests are rigidly fixed. For a more versatile chair, choose a model with adjustable armrests.

It is better to choose a child seat without armrests at all. They motivate the child to lean back and sit in a skewed position at the table. This has a negative impact on posture.


If it is present, the chair will synchronously respond to all the movements of the owner, if the owner leans sideways, forward or backward. Synchronization of movements allows you to move without breaking away from the back, which significantly reduces the load on the spine.

Game chair

Gaming models allow you to spend several hours at the computer in a row and feel comfortable. They are assembled on the basis of a steel frame that can withstand heavy loads. Therefore, their weight is greater than the usual office chairs.

Often, such models are made in the form of seats racing cars. They securely fix the back at the back and sides with protruding stops. This helps to keep your posture in the right position.

In game chairs everything is adjustable: from the back and seat position to the angle of armrests and their height. In a set with such chairs there are often special cushions for the lower back. They support the spine and relieve the load from the back muscles. Adjustable headrests can be placed under the neck or head.

In more expensive game seats, the upholstery is made of durable eco leather, and the filler is cut out of solid sheets. Thanks to this, the chair does not lose its shape over time.

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