How To Choose Your Dream Bridal Wear In A Budget

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Have you recently got engaged? Congratulations to you! Are you gearing up to be a swoon worthy bride? You must be then bracing yourself up to begin your hunt for your dream wedding outfit. Every girl dreams of getting married, of tying the knot with her prince charming. She dreams of being the perfect bride. What create the transformation of a girl into a beautiful bride are her bridal wear and her bridal ensemble. Right from lehengas, sarees to suits a variety of bridal wear options are available in the wedding market.

Are you tight on a budget? Planning for having a budget wedding? You must be then looking for top bridal wear in Chandigarh. Who said being on a budget you cannot have your dream bridal wear? Wondering how to get the bridal wear of your dreams within a budget? Worry not as we have got your back. Here are a few tips following which you can get your dream bridal wear in a budget. Check it out brides.

1. Buy Secondhand

 Brides like to preserve their wedding outfit as a memoir of their special day but the wedding attire consumes a portion of the wedding budget. Those brides having a budget wedding cannot afford one. If your one such bride then do not get disappointed as we have got good news for you. Even being on a budget you can still own a wedding dress by simply opting for a second hand one. The idea might sound crazy but it helps in saving some bucks. Buying a secondhand dress means that you get to save on 50% on the wedding dress. You only wear your bridal dress hardly twice so why invest in thousands of bucks when you can have it just at half the price.

2. Check Retail Stores

To get your bridal wear at a budget friendly rate it is advisable to buy it from retail stores instead of shopping from high end boutiques. High end boutiques offer designer collections but at sky high rates whereas retail stores offer the designer collections and first copies of exclusive bridal wear at a discounted price. Why spend more on your bridal wear when you can have the same designer wear at a discounted price from a retail store.

3. Rent it

A bridal wear is heavily embroidered owning to which you wear it just once or twice. You cannot wear your bridal wear to a party or any other occasion then why spend thousands of bucks on buying it. We know that wedding dress is a memoir of your special day and you would like to preserve it but for memoirs you always have the photographs, right! So if your cash crunch it is advisable to get your bridal wear on a rent.

The wedding industry keeping in mind the requirement of every couple has something for everyone. To help the couples on budget the wedding industry has sprung up concept of rental wear owning to which many rental wear shops are available in the wedding market. You can rent out your bridal wear from a rental shop and return it post your wedding.

4. Have It Custom Made

Have got your heart set on a particular bridal wear? Is your budget refraining you from buying your designer bridal wear? A budget cannot curb your from owning your dream wedding, reception dress. Instead of shopping for your dream wear from a boutique for a hefty price get it custom made by the tailor. All you need to do is get the fabric and brief the tailor about your desired design. Getting your bridal wear custom made brings down the cost of your bridal wear to just half. Also custom made bridal wear gives you the ability to innovate and get creative with your design.

5. Go Nontraditional

Heavily embellished traditional bridal wear comes with a hefty price tag and being on budget you cannot afford one. Instead of opting for traditional wedding wear you can select offbeat nontraditional designer wear in lighter fabrics. Non traditional dress consume lesser of fabric, looks elegant and also comes at a budget price. Like for wedding reception instead of the heavy full length gowns that cost way too much you can opt for the elegant and sleek cocktail length gown. To add a dramatic touch to your look you can also opt for an offbeat vintage bridal dress over traditional ones.

6. Shop Off season

To get the bridal wear of your choice it is advisable to shop off season. Buying the wedding dress the peak wedding season is sure enough to burn a hole in your pocket. To avoid this glitch it is advisable to shop off season for the wedding bridal wear. During off season many high end boutiques and retail stores offer the bridal wear at a discounted price and you can avail the discounts by shopping during that time.

Wedding is an expensive affair; it’s an investment, a financial strain on the couples. You do not want to start your married life being debt ridden. So these are a few tips that would help you to get your bridal wear in a budget. Liked the post? Share with us about your thoughts on the post?

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