How to Clean Leather Sofa at Home


A leather sofa will give elegance to your home décor. It is however really a task to clean and maintain these luxurious seats for you can just wipe them down with a wet cloth.  Avoid harsh cleaning methods like the use of ammonia-based cleaners since leather is porous. Therefore, get the appropriate cleaning agents at home to have your seats clean by use of the following steps:

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  • Vacuum First

You need to vacuum clean your sofa with a soft
brush attachment and make sure that you suck the dirt out of all crevices.
Avoid the dirt and grime rubbing against the sofa. This could damage the sofa
since dust particles are abrasive.

You will need to have a clean sofa and one that
will always make your house look beautiful. The interior décor of your house
will be appealing whenever your sofas are elegant.

  • Prepare
    Cleaning Solution

The next thing that you should do is to make a
solution of white vinegar and water in equal amounts. On top of that, you can
also a little amount of commercial leather cleaner in the water. Alternatively,
you can use a clean cloth and a bowl of warm water mixed with dish soap.

Use the wet cloth after wringing it and in
small circles dab it around the stain to buff it out. Make sure that you do not
rub it back and forth to avoid tear and wear. If the leather has grease, stains
use a dry cloth and a little baking soda for absorption.

  • Drying

At all times, water weakens the leather if left
to dry independently. You, therefore, need to get a dry cloth and make sure
that the leather is completely dry. Make sure that you dry the seat from top to
bottom to avoid wear and tear.

Therefore, keep your sofa away from water and
make sure that it is dry after doing the cleaning. The best type of cloth to
dry your leather is a microfiber type of cloth. It dries and absorbs water
fully and hence will provide good and dry sofa at all times.

It is good to use cleaners since they help
break down dirt and stains and this can make your leather look new. Some of the
cleaning products have both cleaner and conditioner. Do not apply the spray
directly to the seat but rather use it on a cloth so that it does not leave
marks. Make sure that to clean from top to bottom to avoid uneven polish marks.
Clean all edges, crannies, and nooks to make your leather shine like a new one.

  • Conditioning

After cleaning, make sure to wipe away any
excess cleaner before you condition the couch. Use a cloth to apply the
conditioner and do it from top to bottom. Conditioners will make your leather
seat smell good, stay moisturized as well as look fresh. After you have
finished buffing in the conditioner, let the leather dry for about an hour and
let the product get absorbed to avoid being stuck on your clothing. After the
leather is fully dried, it will look as good as new.

You can also remove some things like chewing
gums on your sofa by use of ice cubes applied on the surface. The hardened
material will peel off after using a bowl of a plastic spoon or simply your
finger. Res-apply the ice as many times as possible so that you completely
solve the problem.

Final Words

Make sure you avoid harsh chemicals from coming
into contact with your leather. These chemicals like shoe polish; alcohol can
harm your leather sofa. Make sure to follow the above steps while cleaning your
sofa so that you will get a sofa that looks like a brand new one.

You should avoid other things so that you do
not harm your sofa. Having pets in the house like cats can cause your leather
to wear and tear and so become a little difficult to clean. The cat’s paws are
very dangerous to your leather and can harm it.

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