How to Convert EML to PST Manually

Before telling the conversion process of EML to PST manually, I will tell you, what exactly EML and PST file is. The EML is a single email file created by various email clients like Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc. EML file is available in the text and binary format and its header part contain ASCII content and the body part contains attachments, hyperlinks, and normal text. Now, if I talk about the PST file then it is a storage file of Microsoft Outlook that contains emails with attachments, appointment records address book information, etc. PST is only supportable in Outlook.

How Do We Convert EML to PST?

The Outlook is the only desktop-based email client in the Microsoft Office Suite that is an advanced email application and keeps updating from time to time. It is one of the most popular email clients liked by businesses to manage their information in a specific way. The reason for converting email to PST could also be because Windows Live Mail has been stopped by Microsoft.



Best Manual Methods to Convert EML to PST

There are multiple methods to convert EML files into PST format including third-party utility. I am going to illustrate all the possible methods, follow them carefully and I am sure you will definitely be able to convert EML file to PST format easily.

Method 1: Convert EML to PST Manually By Drag and Drop Method

To perform this method Microsoft Outlook must be installed on your PC. This technique broadly used when EML files separately saved in your system at a particular place. Now follow the steps below to apply this method

  • First, open Outlook and navigate to the local system path where the source EML files are saved.
  • Now, choose any EML file of them and drag the selected EML file to Outlook email client and drop into it.

Method 2:Convert EML to PST by Using the Outlook Express

The configuration is must require between EML files and Outlook Express to attempt this approach. Just open the Outlook Express app and drag all source EML files in Outlook Express. If done with this then follow the steps below to convert

  • Open MS Outlook and click on the File tab then Open & Export >> Import/Export.
  • Now select the option of Import Internet Mail, click Outlook Express then Next.
  • A panel will appear on the screen, don’t make any changes just click on Finish.

Method 3: Convert EML to PST by Using Windows Live Mail

Before using this method user should have the backup copy of EML files and an Outlook email client configured with Exchange Server. Now follow the steps below to do the conversion of EML to PST

  • Open Windows Live Mail application, click on File tab then Export and Email Messages.
  • Now a window will show, select Microsoft Exchange from there and click Next.
  • Again a dialog box will appear,click OK to proceed with the conversion.
  • Now, choose any specific folder or all the folder files of Windows Live Mail that are to be imported in Outlook and click OK.
  • It will take a few times to be imported in Outlook when it completes, an Export Complete message will show. Finally, click Finish.

Method 4: An Automated Utility to Convert EML to PST

After trying all the above methods if you want any fast and reliable technique to convert EML file to PST format, where is no fear of data loss then try an automated utility which is EML to PST Converter by Sysinfo.This utility is capable enough to convert the whole EML files into the PST format at once in just no time. It searches EML files from the user’s system directory in an automation mode and saves all the data from selected EML files into a new PST file of Unicode format. The utility has a great graphical user interface and it supports all the Windows Operating Systems widely.


I have described how to convert EML to PST manually in the detail and also explained what is EML and PST, why to convert EML to PST. Follow the above-mentioned methods carefully and you will be able to convert EML to PST manually otherwise try an automated method to make the conversion easy and whole EML files conversion at once.

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