How To Cool Down A Room With A Fan?

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We all are well acknowledged about the excessive heat in summer days. Dealing with the heat is easy if you own an air conditioner but it’s really tough to keep your room cool in extreme heat with just a fan. But it’s not a daydream.

Yes, now you can keep your room cool and refreshed even without an air conditioner. Just read out these easy and smart tricks below to know how to cool down a room with a fan.

Here you go.

1. Make Your Fan An Air Conditioner

Making a homemade air conditioner with a table fan can let you enjoy a cooler atmosphere in your room. Well, it’s not a tough job. To make your own air conditioner get 2-3 bottles filled with ices water.

After that, put the ice bottles in front of your table fan and turn it on. The air quality produced by your fan will be no less than an air conditioner.

2. Use The Right Fan

Choosing the right fan is important. According to researchers, ceiling fans with 36”-44” diameter are suitable for smaller rooms. Bigger rooms tower fan diameter should be above 52”. Undoubtedly, an accurate fan can get the room more airy.

If your fan has a summer mode option, turn it on in hot days. In this way, you can control the room heat with a fan. Also, you can use exhaust fans to remove the heat from your room.

3. Heat Control with Your Fan

Do you know your fan can push out the hit amazingly? Well to do so, place your fan facing out of the window or door and turn it on. The fan will get all the hot air out within a few minutes.

On the other hand, you can welcome the skin-soothing fresh air inside just by doing the opposite. Just place the fan facing inside and It will suck more fresh air to get your room cool down.


 4. Maintain Ventilation Timing

The importance of room ventilation is undoubtedly significant. We usually open windows and doors when we feel hotter inside. But this can be a reason for increasing the room heat.

Usually, the time between 4 am to 7 am and after 8 pm is the best hours to open your window to get the fresh air in. Remember, if you open your window in loud sun heat, you are welcoming bad air to make your room even hotter.

So, maintain the ventilation timing and get your room refreshed and cool.

5. Clean Your Fan Regularly

Cleaning your fan routine wise can help you enjoy the better air. A dusty and dirty fan can’t produce fresh air. However you increase its speed, it won’t give you the best performance.

Also, it’s important to turn your fan off for a while after using it for a long time. You can turn off your fan in the morning before 7 am or in the evening after 8 pm while doing the ventilation process.

Tips For Better Air

  • Wipe your floor with water as it absorbs heat. A hot floor increases the room temperature.
  • Wear cotton clothes and get your bed a cotton sheet as well. Cotton fabric absorbs sweat and keeps skin cool. 
  • Avoid turning lights on if not necessary. Your room light also increases the heat.
  • Remove rugs, curtains, sofa pillows as they get dusty and affect the air quality.


The tips suggested up will definitely sort out the excessive room temperature problem and will help you enjoy a cool and refreshed fan air even in extreme summer days.

Thanks for being with us.

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