How To Cope Up With Cough During Pregnancy?

The moment you become pregnant each and everything which happens to you not only affects you but also your baby. This mere realization could complicate issues to a considerable extent. In the past if you did suffer from heavy cough during pregnancy you might have opted for an over the counter medicine. Now the thought might strike you is it safe. Though medications can provide relief from the symptoms ideally you want to find out whether it is safe for your baby or not. There are many medications which can be taken during pregnancy so consumption of them is not expected to be a stressful experience during the tenure of pregnancy.

As per medical experts it is better to avoid all medicines during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. This poses to be a critical time for the development of the organs of the baby. The doctors also ask you to take caution after 28 weeks of pregnancy. Discuss with your doctor if you are into any form of medication in case if you are pregnant or even planning to think of becoming pregnant.

Do keep away from a combination of all in medicines to provide you relief from the symptoms. Instead opt for a single medication to cure the problem. At the same time there are certain medications that need to be avoided until and unless a doctor recommends them. The reason being they are going to increase a host of problems.

Home Remedies to Deal With Cough During Pregnancy

The Moment You Become Pregnant You Need to Take the Following Steps

  • Opt for plenty of rest
  • Increase the intake of fluids
  • It is better to gargle with warm water if you are suffering from a sore throat or cough

If the Symptoms Go on to Worsen

  • Rely on hot or cold packs to alleviate the pain
  • Chicken soup to reduce the inflammation which could soothe the congestion

Measures You Can Adopt in Cutting Down the Risk?

It is no surprise that when you are pregnant the body experiences a lot of changes. But the major change in this regard works out to be a weakened immune system. This would even go on to prevent a woman from rejecting a new born baby. At the same time expectant mothers are prone to bacterial and viral infections.

Pregnant woman in comparison to non-pregnant women are more likely to be suffering from flu. The moment you opt for a flu vaccine it cuts down on the complications and risk of infection reduces. Availing a flu vaccine protects a pregnant woman and their baby up to 6 months. For this reason it is really important for pregnant women to be up to date with their vaccination schedule. There are certain things at your end where you can cut down the risk

  • You need to wash your hands on a regular basis
  • Reduce stress and exercise on a regular basis
  • Opting for a healthy diet
  • Availing sufficient amount of sleep

These tips will help to prevent cough during pregnancy.

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